Jasmine Tea


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Subtly sweet with added jasmine flowers. This is a green tea.

Based on green tea with the added benefits of Jasmine. Superb aromatherapy in a cup.

This tea is from Fujian, China.


For our premium jasmine loose leaf combines the soothing scent of jasmine and the calming effect of green tea to give our customers a truly relaxing experience.

Jasmine is the most famous scented tea in China, and it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful Jasmine Blossoms are what gives the distinctive aromatic fragrance.


The Traditional Way

It may be hard to believe that the Chinese have nine steps to drinking tea, we are certainly not recommending this as part of a daily routine, but it may be fun to try if you want to feel a part of the culture.


How Healthy is Jasmine Tea?

Both delicious and incredibly beneficial to the body, so to us, they are the perfect pairing. Green tea is packed with fantastic antioxidants and nutrients that your body with thank you for, here a some of the benefits:

  • Contains an amino acid called L -theanine which helps to increase brain activity
  • Boosts your metabolic rate
  • Studies have shown that it can lower your risk of some types of cancer
  • Can help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in some people

And many more which can be find here.


Fight off Anxiety

Jasmine tea contains less caffeine than most other teas, and a lot less than coffee, and less caffeine is definitely recommended if you suffer with anxiety.

Also, the amount theanines it contains are believed to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

The smallest of things can cause us stress in our lives, and it is nice to have a little help sometimes. A cup of Adams and Russell Jasmine Loose Leaf is the perfect way to unwind. From the enticing flowery scent that will fill your kitchen when brewing, to the waves of calm that come when drinking, trying it is something you won’t regret.


How is it made?

Jasmine is famous for it’s scent, so the process of making it is all about the tea scenting. Firstly, the tea leaves are picked in spring, then stored until late Summer when the Jasmine blossoms are in their prime.

The Jasmine flowers will release their fragrance during the night, so this is when the tea scenting process begins.

The two main methods of scenting are:

  • Alternating the layers of jasmine and leaves
  • Blending the two and leaving to store overnight

The scenting process can take over four hours, it can be repeated up to six or seven times, so a lot of work goes into this luxurious product, but the results are most definitely worth it.


It doesn’t stop at the Teapot…

There are lot’s of different ways to use Jasmine in your kitchen, here’s a few:

  • Flavoured water – it tastes amazing and it’s a great encouragement to drink more water.
  • Iced tea – a fantastic idea in our opinion, enjoy by customising your own flavours (we suggest lemon, mint and lime), or add your choice of alcohol to make a refreshing cocktail.
  • Smoothies – an easy way to add more flavour to your morning smoothie.
  • Baking – get creative with your cakes and try some flavour combinations with jasmine, we think coconut would be a great one.
  • Cooking – Jasmine rice, curries, stir fry’s, it can make these dishes all the more delicious!


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1 review for Jasmine Tea

  1. Anthony

    Great Jasmine green tea. Was given to me as a gift from the Good Food Show and it exceeds expectations. Great balance of tea and Jasmine.

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