Best Coffee Beans for Aeropress Brewing Method


At Adams + Russell, we love to find out the best way to drink our coffees after roasting.

And what’s more, when we find a coffee that goes great with an Aeropress coffee maker – we need to let people know.

If you’d like to see which are the best coffee beans for your preferred taste, then have a read of this article, which gives you advice on Which coffee you should buy.

We would recommend a medium grind for Aeropress

Which Grind is best for an Aeropress brewing method?

If you have a grinder, make sure you buy coffee beans – that way they will stay fresh for longer. When you come to use them with your Aeropress, you will be sure to extract those special flavours.

Only buy small bags if you’re purchasing ground coffee. the ground coffee then only buy the small bags. If you open a 1kg bag of coffee, it could take you a while to drink, and it may become bitter before you know it.

In terms of deciding which is the best grind size for the Aeropres, we would recommend a medium grind. That way you will be sure that the extraction process has enough time to “hit the sweet spot” of the bean.

So it’s fairly simple and shouldn’t take you long to decide.

Why is Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee Best for Aeropress?

The Indian Monsooned Malabar bean is packed full of spicy and sweet flavours, with a neutral acidity. There are a subtle notes of biscuit and molasses, which can be felt on the pallet as you sip the coffee. 

This coffee is grown in the Karnataka region of India, where the 1200m elevation produces a high quality bean. 

Great enjoyed black through an Aeropress – a real treat!


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Decaffeinated Mexican water press Coffee for Aeropress

This is a smooth, nutty coffee with a low acidity. 

It offers a taste matched by conventional coffee but without the caffeine kick – perfect for after dinner.

Great to try in an Aeropress. Either way you won’t be disappointed with this decaf coffee

Find out more about decaffeinated coffee beans by visiting our main product page

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Why is Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee for Aeropress

Situated in the southern part of Ethiopia, Sidamo is a very mountainous region with ample rainfall, good temperature and rich soils.

This provides an Ethipoian coffee of Grade 1 standard and has the ideal balance of acidity and body. Due to its stature in the coffee industry, Sidamo is often used in European blends for espresso machines.

At Adams + Russell, we found it great as an Aeropress coffee where its true colours showed through.

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Guatemala Bonjangles Coffee for Aeropress

This is an interesting coffee – acidity and sweetness is hard to come by in a single origin bean but the Guatemala Finca achieves just that.

This is a really pleasant coffee to drink, well balanced and great in the Aeropress. A perfect medium roasted bean that gives strength as well as subtlety.

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Accessories for aeropress

At Adams + Russell, we offer a range of accessories perfect to accompany your Aeropress. From grinders to filters, you can shop Aeropress accessories below.

Hario Coffee Mill Ceramic Slim

This is a well-designed high quality hand grinder. It is able to cope with fine espresso grind and is fully adjustable to your requirements. It is a burr grinder which means there are two ceramic blades.  The slim design means it is great for when you’re on the move.   The dispensing chamber is measured which helps to grind only the coffee you need.


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  1. Tabitha

    Great post – the Indian Mysore Plantation beans sound like a winner in an aeropress. You mentioned it’s difficult to keep these beans fresh however, and there’s a great tip for that. Keeping the beans in the freezer keeps them fresher for longer regardless of what container they are kept in (though airtight will produce the best results).

  2. Simon

    I recently bought an Aeropress and the mini Hario grinder to bring on my extended holiday (3-month trip). But maybe I should have also brought along some coffee beans. Great tip by Tabitha re- freezing the beans.

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