Navio Espresso



Flavour Notes

Chocolate, Red Berry, Apple

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso: 18g/40g 27 Seconds


Brazil, Costa Rica, Timor







Easy to drink coffee

Navio, meaning ‘ship’ in Portuguese in an homage to the global shipping industry that kickstarted the coffee trade we enjoy today. This blend is new to Adams + Russell and consists of Brazilian Natural, Costa Rican and Timorese beans. Designed to create an indulgent chocolate taste, with a smooth mouthfeel which makes it easy to drink.

Semi-Washed Coffee

The addition of semi-washed (or pulped natural) Brazilian coffee reduces the acidity to provide a moreish, wild tasting base note full of cocoa and red berry. The semi-washed process includes removing only part of the coffee cherry before drying. This leaves behind a sticky, mucilage layer surrounding the seed. Typically when coffee is fully washed this layer is removed by being soaked in water, leaving a clean tasting, high acidic brew. However, when the coffee is dried with this layer, additional sugars enter the bean and more interesting flavours are introduced. This process has been tried and tested in all coffee growing regions, with some origins having more success than others. Natural coffee from Brazil is well sought after and is responsible for the rich chocolate tastes that arabica can carry.

Matched with bright Costa Rican Tarrazu to add an apple acidity, and a hint of Timor, the resulting blend is balanced and rich espresso.


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