Our Story – a day in the life of a small batch coffee roasters

Adams+Russell offer FREE delivery of coffee and accessories to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We are a small batch coffee roasters who offers many things related to coffee, tea and accessories. We also regularly attend Food and drink shows across the country where you can see our great products on offer. Watch this short video from our BBC Good food show stand to find out a litle more about what we do


The Adams + Russell small batch coffee roaster story is better shared through ‘day-in-the-life-of’ scenarios from our closely knit team nurtured since 1978.

Here’s a little taster:

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08:12 | The sound of the grinding, busy machines pours out of the open doors of our small batch coffee roasters. There’s a comforting and familiar aroma in the air. Bitter sweet and warm. Coffee. A new delivery of green coffee beans have just arrived. They touched down from South America as part of a fair trade purchase and the heavy bags are still on the roastery floor. These particular beans will be carefully hand roasted and rested before being sealed and despatched. Upon opening, you will notice the scent of fresh beans, full bodied with a hint of smooth, dark chocolate. It must be the ever-popular, Adams + Russell Continental Blend Coffee Beans?


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09:32 | There’s a buzz going round the office this morning. A new café opened its doors yesterday, and Adams + Russell were asked to be there to support on the big day. A follow-on from the specially tailored barista training we delivered earlier in the year to the coffee shop team. The coffee, an amazing and consistent blend that we’ve been small batch roasting since 1978 is well suited for everyday drinking, it goes particularly well with the many sweet treats on the café menu.


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11:55 | ‘Ere, smell these…’ Two pots of very different coffee beans. One unmistakably fruity with a strong citrus scent. The other, bready and malty. 40 years of experience go into these beans. From sourcing to the perfectly roasted blend. This passion has followed the waves of coffee and the business has developed closely with its growing appreciation. The two gas flamed 15kg coffee roasting machines run in tandem and deliver small batches, ideal for the many requests and preferences of the industry. By lunchtime, a batch of large Colombian beans will have been roasted to offer a fresh coffee full of sweetness and caramel flavours. Stunning on its own, or paired with a sweet fruit crumble.


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14:20 | A request for a detour has just come in for one of the Adams + Russell vans on its way out to Cheshire. It’s en route to deliver various coffee shop supplies, including aromatic tea leaves and . but will now go to carry out a service on a hard-working coffee machine this afternoon at one of their successful restaurants. The customer relationship lies right in the heart of our business.


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17:32 | The story goes on as we roast over 30 origins of coffee. Personally responding to our busy coffee shops, restaurants and hotels right across the north west. We’d love you to get involved so drop us a note to let us know you’re here.

Our team is sharing their (c)ups and downs over on Instagram and Twitter. They were however asked to follow one rule;

No pictures of latte art!

Adams + Russell are so much more than that.