Commercial coffee machines for your catering business
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  • Free installation
  • Free barista training
  • Free after sale support
  • Free machine cleaning tools
  • Free expert advice

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A+R knows that a clean, fully functional commercial coffee machine lies at the heart of any coffee business.

So when you buy your coffee machine from Adams + Russell, we don’t just give you a machine and send you on your way.

We also offer 5 complimentary services alongside your investment, .


We want to give you the perfect piece of mind without you having to worry about your machine letting you down.

That way, you can concentrate on the things that matter in your business – serving customers their fresh Adams + Russell coffee.

If you’re within our delivery range, here’s what we promise to offer you…

  • Free installation
    • No hassle for you – Any commercial equipment purchased from Adams & Russell is installed free of charge.
  • Free barista training
    • The best baristas in the country – Ensure your employees produce the most impressive coffee ever with our Barista training.
  • Free after sale support
    • Adams + Russell will continue to support your business each month, a service worth over £50 per month. If your coffee machine breaks down – just give us a call, an A+R van be there in a flash.
  • Free machine cleaning tools
    • Direct from our showroom so you can be sure to have the right equipment for keeping your machine fit and healthy for every cuppa. We’ll also show you exactly how to ‘maintain-by-cleaning’ your new best friend.
  • Free advice
    • Above all, take full advantage of A+R’s 30 years experience in the commercial coffee industry to ensure you buy the perfect machine for your business.


Espresso machines, grinders, barista tools and boilers, the full range. A+R provide the best commercial coffee machines to suit your needs at the best price.

So get in touch today using the form below and let us give you a friendly helping hand with your next big decision.