Darjeeling Tea


Floral and fruity character with a light spice. Sits well with milk.

This a quality silver tip leaf giving a wonderful deep, rich, and well rounded liquor. Darjeeling is a single origin tea.

This tea is from Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.

Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea


Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea


Straight from the beautiful, mountainous town of Darjeeling, these leaves will give you the exceptional taste of Indian Tea.  It is grown at a great elevation of 750-2000 metres in century old tea estates.

Also known as the ‘champagne of teas’, because of its distinctive and clean tasting qualities.

A light-coloured infusion with a floral character and a subtle touch of spice, it is unique and a definite must-try. Its reputation is world-renowned due to its delicate yet complex flavours, and perfect harvesting conditions.


Does Darjeeling Tea contain Caffeine?


It does have some caffeine content. However, only around half the amount that a regular cup of coffee does, but this can depend on the type and strength of the leaves.

This low amount of caffeine can be great for all kinds of people:

  • Those who suffer with anxiety
  • Pregnant women
  • Those who are on certain medication and have a caffeine limit
  • Or simply if you would still like to enjoy a hot beverage in the evening but don’t want to be up all night.

Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea Benefits


Unfortunately, not. This beverage does not directly help with weight loss, although there are suggestions it could be used to aid weight loss. Meaning that because it is very low in calories when consumed black, it is a great healthy alternative to high-calorie, sugary drinks.

Also, the caffeine can give you a little boost when performing physical activities, which can also aid weight loss.

However, there are some ‘supposedly’ proven health benefits:

  • Due to the caffeine content it can lower chances of developing Parkinson’s disease
  • Black tea extract can have a ‘anti-cancer effect’, lowering the chances of developing certain types of cancer
  • Can fight off oral bacteria and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • Can contribute to increasing the density in your bones
  • Contains antioxidants which have been shown to be very beneficial to our health



Where is Darjeeling Tea Grown?


There are 87 tea Gardens in the town of Darjeeling, all which have been given the permission by the Tea Board of India to label their products ‘Darjeeling Tea’.

They cover 17,500 hectares of land and are dotted around the surrounding hills, with over 9000 tonnes of leaves being produced every year.

Each garden will produce different characteristics, such as aroma, colour and flavours.

The cool, damp climate, constant mist and the high elevation of this town contributes to incredibly high quality.


How to Drink Darjeeling Tea


It may have complex flavours, but brewing this delicious drink is simple.

Dig out your teapot and favourite mug. Add one heaped teaspoon of leaves for every 8oz (227g) of water. Heat your water to a boil, and pour into the pot.

Now wait. 3-5 minutes brewing time is recommended, but it is down to personal preference on how strong you like it. We definitely suggest trying Darjeeling on its own at first to appreciate the full flavour, then perhaps play around with sweeteners or a splash of milk.

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