3 for £24 Single Plantation

Our Single Plantation range is composed of high quality, fully traceable Arabica that is often from a single farm, or a Microlot within the farm. The coffees in this range are often roasted to a light – medium profile. This allows the natural characteristics and nuanced flavours to shine.

These coffees also lend themselves to the controlled nature of manual brewing and other filter methods, which are the best ways to show off their natural flavours.

These Plantations are run by growers who have devoted their lives to Specialty Coffee. Most are either Fairtrade certified or looked after by Cooperatives who assume financial responsibility on behalf of the farmer. Profit is directly reinvested into the farming resources as well as educational and healthcare facilities for the local community. Because of the increased financing, the farmers often have chance to experiment with processing methods during the off season, producing some of the most unique and vivid coffees available.