Fairtrade Costa Rica Marianela Torres


Winner of the Fairtrade Golden Cup 2022

This coffee is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%

Sourced from an exclusive smallholder collective. Limited quantity available.


Flavour Notes

Strawberry Jam, Honey, Vibrant Acidity

Recommended Brewing Methods

V60- 20g in / 300ml / 2 1/2 minutes | Espresso- 18.5g in / 37g out / 25 – 27 seconds

SCA Score



Costa Rica


Natural / Anaerobic


Pérez Zeledón, Brunca


1400 – 1700m

Natural Processing Explained:

After the coffee cherries are picked from the trees they are laid out to dry in the sun. Drying stations vary depending on region; some use brick patios and others used raised beds which enable air flow around the cherries and dry them quicker. To avoid mould, rotting or further fermentation the cherries are turned regularly. Once the cherries are dried, the skin and fruit flesh is mechanically removed and the green beans are stored before exportation.

Flavour Profile / Sweeter, less acidic, rich body

About The Producer:

COOPEAGRI was established in 1961 by 391 independent small-scale farmers, whose aim was to build and sustain a strong farming organisation. This was in part to improve the living standards amongst the community, as well as provide development opportunities. By 1988 they were no longer focussed on just the commercial aspects of production, they opened their Forest Operations department, focussing on promoting conservation culture amongst their members.

Not just focussing on commercial aspects, 1988 saw them open their Forest Operations department, focussing on promoting conservation culture amongst their members. Throughout the 90’s and on they have continued to build a diverse set of operations and small businesses to support their members. Farmer members receive payments in addition to any crops they sell yearly based on the performance of the co-operative.

Today the cooperative embraces over 13,000 members and is still growing. Just over 5,000 of these are coffee producers. Around 1300 children are involved in a program that promotes leadership and skills for future, and there are programs too that focus on social work, forest maintenance, handicrafts and home education. A program similar to what we would recognise as pensions is available for the older members of the cooperative (if they are longer term members), over 1 million dollars has been spent on providing medical services in the last 5 years and houses have been renovated too.

Just under 10,000 hectares is dedicated to forest protection, with 500 hectares undergoing natural regeneration. Half a million trees have been grown in the last 5 years (2014-2019) with 55,000 of these being donated to the local communities. 673,000 bags of organic fertilizer has also been produced in that time.

CoopeAgri collect rainwater to use for their processing needs in two artificial lakes. There is a recirculation system that avoids waste and cleans the water, and they now find the lakes are used by migratory birds during the mating season! This has lead to a 50% energy saving and 70% water saving overall, following a near $700,000 investment.

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