Red Berry Tea


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Brew with freshly drawn boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Try adding honey.

Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple Pieces, Orange Peels and Flavour. The liquor is bright with a beautiful bouquet and superb fruity flavour. It is naturally caffeine free and extremely refreshing.

Red Berry Tea

This mixed berry infusion is packed with flavour, and contains ingredients which are surprisingly beneficial. We’re going to have a closer look into the key ingredients in this tea, and tell you how they can boost your health.



The Hibiscus plant is a deep red colour. It is likened to the flavour of cranberry, due to its sweet and sharp notes. It is naturally caffeine free, and has some great benefits:

  • Can lower blood pressure in some people
  • Although it has not been proven to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, it has been known to increase ‘good’ cholesterol in the body
  • The compounds it contains called anthocyanins can improve the health of your heart



Rosehip is actually the fruit of a rose plant. It is typically red/orange, but can be dark purple/black on some plants. Rosehip has been used for thousands of years across American and parts of Europe, and here’s why:

  • Can lower cholesterol levels
  • The high volume of vitamin C content can give your immune system a boost
  • It has been shown that rosehip regulates the sugar levels in the body, aiding those who suffer with diabetes as it can help prevent sudden drops or spikes in blood sugar
  • Great for digestion as it stimulates bowel movement and can help eliminate toxins from the body
  • Contains a good amount of iron, which helps with a few functions in your body such as the creation of red blood cells, metabolic activity and keeping organs well-oxygenated.
  • Another benefit of the high vitamin C content is the production of collagen, which can contribute to your bone health.
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2 reviews for Red Berry Tea

  1. Christof Schwiening

    Since we get through a lot of fruit tea – probably about 20 bags of Twinings Fruit Tea per night – I have been looking for some bulk alternatives. This Berry Tea arrived promptly and like the Lemon and Ginger is not really a dried leaf tea but a mixture of fruit chunks. Infused into hot water (90 degrees C) produces an aromatic red tea with a good flavour. It needs rather a large amount compared to the Twinings equivalent to produce an equal strength even with a longish brew time. The taste is very good and the others in the house like it and are happy to drink it as an alternative to one of the Twinings Fruit Tea – I can’t remember which. I would be happy to buy it again, but I don’t think it will work out much cheaper than the Twinings.

  2. Phill Stoker

    This stuff is amazing. After this there’s no going back to supermarket offerings. Full, deep flavour, and just read about those health benefits. Bought a small pack, now ordering a large.

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