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Perfect for Coffee shops, cafe’s and catering businesses

Browse and shop our range of professional, high quality barista supplies, ideal for cafés as well as kitchens and restaurants. Make the most of your order by booking in for your free barista training. By ensuring your staff is well trained, you will not only serve great tasting coffees, but also prolong the life-span and durability of all your machines and equipment.

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  • Frothing_Jug

    Belly Frothing Jug

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  • Coffee_Tamper_Steel

    Coffee Tamper Stainless Steel

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  • Coffee_Tamper_Wood

    Coffee Tamper Wood

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  • Barista-Supplies-Milk-Thermometer1

    Economy Milk Thermometer

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  • Barista-Supplies-Liquid-Cleaner1

    Espresso Machine Liquid Cleaner

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  • Espresso_Measuring_Shot_Glass

    Espresso Shot Glass

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  • Foaming_Jug_Straight

    Foaming Jug S,M,L

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  • Glass_Espresso_Cups-saucers

    Glass Espresso Cups & Saucers

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  • Glass_Latte_Mug

    Glass Latte Mug

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  • Long_Latte_Spoons

    Long Latte Spoons

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  • Mazzer_Super_Jolly_Grinder

    Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder

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  • Milk_Spatula

    Milk Spatula

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  • Porcelite_Cup_340

    Porcelite Cup (S,M,L)

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  • Porcelite_Latte_Mug

    Porcelite Latte Mug 340ml

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  • Porcelite_Saucer Dual Size

    Porcelite Saucer (Dual Size)

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  • Barista-Saucer_for_Porcelite_Cup1

    Porcelite Saucer (Espresso)

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  • Bactericidal_Cappucino-machine_Cleaner

    Puly Milk Cappuccino Cleaner

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  • Rubber Blank Cleaning Disc

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  • Barista-Stainless_Steel-Blank_Filter

    Stainless Steel Blank Cleaning Filter

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  • Stainless_Steel_Cocoa_Shaker

    Stainless Steel Cocoa Shaker

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  • Tamp-Mat

    Tamper Mat Pro – 100x150mm

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  • Urnex_Cafiza_Espresso_Cleaner

    Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaner

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