Gunpowder Green Tea


Light smoke & nutty Character. This is a green tea.Brew with freshly boiled water for 3 to 4 minutes.

The name is derived from its appearance being similar to gunpowder. The tea is produced using steam and rolling equipment to roll the leaf into green balls that open when steeped.

This tea is from Anhui, Eastern China.

Gunpowder Green Loose Leaf Tea with light, smoky flavour

We sell our loose leaf tea to both wholesale and retail, which means you can buy them in either 1KG  bags or 125g bags. Our Gunpowder Green Tea is a speciality in many tea shops and cafe’s alike.

China is the birth place of green tea but it’s production has been continuously increased and now spans many different countries across Asia.

Where does Gunpowder green tea come from?

Coming all the way from china, gunpowder green takes it’s name from the way the leaves are rolled into really small pellets (as you can see from the image above). That’s because it’s said to resemble the grains of gunpowder. The smoky and nutty flavour is also a taste which fits in with the name gunpowder.<

Brewing is simple. Use one teaspoon of leaves for every 4oz of water used. Therefore if you are brewing in a teapot that is capapble of holding 12oz, you will need approximately 3 teaspons worth of loose leaf. Once you have the correct amount, you should brew in fresh boiling water for approximately 3-4 minutes. That way you will be able to release the amazing aromas.


The benefits

This tea can be beneficial to your health in many different ways. For example helping your immune system in order to fight off high colestrol, cancer and weight loss.

It’s believed to contain the highest concentration of anti-oxidants than any other tea. This means that when drinking for a sustained period of time, you have a much better chance of reaping the health beenfits


Can I drink it as Iced Tea?

One way of creating a refreshing iced drink from the loose leaf is to steep it in cold or lukewarm water instead of boiling water. You may have to wait a little while longer for all the flavour to be extracted but it’s said it can lead to a much more organic tasting drink and is recommended by a number of so called ‘tea experts’.

There’s other methods of using these leaves too – one way is to create a moroccan mint tea by mixing it with mint leaves and sugar.

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