Ethiopia Sidamo


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Flavour Notes

Lemon, Blueberry, Marzipan

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 28 Seconds








1500m – 1800m

Ethiopia Sidamo

With lemon and floral notes, Sidamo stands out with its strength and boldness, providing a clean, easy to drink brew. With a wonderful aromatic finish and hints of blueberry, this unique coffee is a famed single origin for good reason. The high elevation of Ethiopia provides the optimum conditions for arabica to slowly mature, resulting in sweet, complex flavour. Nutrients absorb over a longer period of time, constituting an array of flavours to develop. The most common flavours of Sidamo coffee are citrus, jasmine and floral tastes with a bright, biting acidity.

History of Ethiopia Sidamo

Sidamo is a large region in the south of Ethiopia, with many variations in climate and topography. This results in many variations of flavour the coffee can have. Elevation, soil type, rainfall and the process the farm undertakes all having an effect. As with most countries, coffees that are grown in smaller plantations within the Sidamo region may not contain the words ‘sidamo’, however the full traceability of these coffees are worth more than the name that appears on the sack. Most Ethiopian coffees are sold through the EXC trade system, meaning that the beans that are labelled Sidamo could have been farmed from various plantations around the region. The Sidamo region offers enough of a unique flavour trait that the taste of the region is never lost during this merging of green beans.
Yirgacheffe is a smaller region located within Sidamo. If you would like to explore some smaller, single plantation lots then please follow this link.


Reviews & Ratings

9 reviews for Ethiopia Sidamo

  1. Ruth Taylor

    I’ve tried four different coffees and this one tickles my tastebuds best.

  2. Tom Freeman

    Simply the best coffee (in my opinion) on this website. I’ve tried over 15 of A&R coffees and I come back to this one every time.
    It’s amazing, if you like your coffee strong, flavoursome and really fruity, this is the best.
    I brew mine in an aeropress (inverted) and enjoy it black to enjoy the flavour but also good as a cappuccino or latte too.

  3. Mariusz

    One of my favourite coffee.

  4. Helen Smith

    Agree this is one of the best. Bold, fruity and lots of depth. I brew this using a stove top pot. Having recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia, where every coffee I had was outstanding, I was keen to find an ‘authentic’ coffee here. This is it!

  5. Shane Canning

    I asked the guys who roast the coffee to make a recommendation and it tastes as great as they say it does. Top coffee from a really nice company. Thanks

  6. Shane Canning

    I visited the roasters today and asked the guys who roast the beans for a recommendation based on my preferences. This coffee tastes as great as they said it would. Clearly roasted by people who know and care. Top coffee from a from a great company. Thanks

  7. yellowtreeedward

    This is one intensely beautiful coffee. Slightly biscuity, nicely acidic. I would recommend this to you in a heartbeat!

  8. Jennifer Firkins

    Love this coffee. Beautiful depth of flavour and wonderful aroma. Highly recommend this coffee. Excellent, speedy delivery.

  9. Kaza B

    Absolutely delicious – I love Ethopian coffees but this is one of the best ones I have had. Beautiful chocolate flavour with no bitter after taste. Will definitely buy again but in a larger quantity.

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