Ethiopia Sidamo


Origin: Sidamo Province, South Ethiop
1500m – 1800m
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Citrus, wine and blueberry fruit with a medium body
Acidity: Bright

3 for £12


Strong & Bold Ethiopian Coffee

With lemon and floral notes, similar to most Ethiopian coffees, the Sidamo stands out with its strength and boldness providing a lush, morning coffee. A wonderful aromatic finish and a dry aroma similar to dried blueberry fruit, this coffee is truly the cream of the crop.

Ethiopian Ground Coffee

History of Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee with famous goat farmer ‘Kaldi’ first discovering the green beans had an unusual effect on his herd. Since then, the coffee industry in Ethiopia has continued to add to its plethora of fine beans and Sidamo is the most popular region in which it grows.

Situated in the southern part of Ethiopia, Sidamo is a very mountainous region with ample rainfall, good temperature and rich soils. This provides a coffee of Grade 1 standard and has the ideal balance of acidity and body. Due to its stature in the coffee industry, Sidamo is often used in European blends but is great as an Aeropress coffee where its true colours show.

The beans are medium roasted in small batches and always available fresh from Adams + Russell.

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Beans / Ground

Beans, Ground


1KG, 227g (3 for £12)

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3 for £12 Single Origin





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