Ethiopian Gelana Abaya Yirgacheffe Grade 1



Flavour Notes

Orange, Melon, Stone fruit, Milk chocolate






Delicate floral


Gelana Abaya, Guji zone, Oromia Region


1800 – 2000m

The green beans, which are of the Heirloom type are fully washed, then sun-dried on raised beds. The brewed coffee has a smooth body.



Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 – Smooth, Sweet & Delicious

We export these flavourful beans directly from the homeland of coffee, Ethiopia.


Coffee production in Ethiopia

These beans are imported from Gelana Abaya, which is situated east of Lake abaya, and west of the town of Yirgacheffe.

Yirgacheffe being one of the largest and most recognised growing regions in the coffee world, and Gelana Abaya produces some of the best coffee Ethiopia has to offer.

The area consists of small produces that focus on quality over quantity, which allows them to produce consistently high quality beans.

Elevations of 1800 – 2000m slow down the maturation rate of the cherries, which develops a naturally sweet flavour. Ample rainfall, non-chemical fertilisation and careful processing creates a premium grade 1 coffee that is full of flavour.

Coffee was discovered in this beautiful country in the 11th century by a goat herder named Kaldi. Legend has it that his herd of goats were far more energetic than usual and displayed erratic behaviour.

He noticed them eating red cherry-looking plants nearby and investigated further. Once word got around of these magical beans, many were hooked on the delicious flavour of coffee.

Find out what exactly Ethiopian coffee tastes like

Ethiopian Coffee Tasting Notes – Orange, Melon and Stone Fruit

This Ethiopian coffee has a refreshing flavour which is bursting with fruity tasting notes.

Stone fruit can often be detected in origins that are on the sweet side of the flavour scale, but the zesty orange and melon is what makes these beans unique.

Delicately sweet orange paired with flavourful mellow melon creates a cup that is easy to drink, refreshing and moreish.

This juicy flavour profile is finished off with a delicate floral aroma and smooth body, which only enhances the appeal of this tasty coffee.

Subtle notes of milk chocolate can be identified in the aftertaste, which certainly appeals to those who enjoy a natural sweetness to their cup.

Here’s our recommendation for brewing to get the best out of these beans…


How to brew Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans

After thorough testing at our Liverpool roasters (many cups were consumed – we aren’t complaining), our roasting experts have agreed on a brewing method for these Ethiopian beans.

To enhance the velvety smooth body and subtle delicate sweetness, the V60 drip through method does a brilliant job.

Here’s how we brew:

  1. Grind 15g of fresh beans into medium fine grounds, or measure out 15g of pre-ground coffee.
  2. Fold your filter paper, place into V60 and rinse with hot water.
  3. Pour the coffee into the V60.
  4. Heat your water to 92 degrees and pour slowly in circular motions over the grounds.
  5. Leave to filter through and enjoy.


Where to buy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

We recommend everyone to try fresh Ethiopian beans as they are so unique and delicious. But, it’s vital to ensure you’re buying from a genuine source.

To ensure you are buying 100% Ethiopian coffee, buy from a trusted supplier that specialises in fresh coffee.

If you want to be sure you are buying fresh coffee that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for months, look for small batch local roasters who are experts in the industry.

At Adams + Russell, we hand roast our beans in small batches every time to deliver premium quality to all our customers. We watch the beans carefully as they go through the roasting process and we know exactly how to enhance flavours and get the best out of our beans.



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