Brazil Fazenda Três Meninas Yellow Catuai


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Flavour Notes

Limoncello, Pineapple, Toffee






Sweet, Nutty


Cerrado Mineiro




Yellow Catuai

About Fazenda Três Meninas


This 54-hectare farm is situated in the region of Cerrado Mineiro and has been family owned and ran since 2016. The Bagagem River and its springs flow directly through the farm, as do the native forests of the Cerrado biome.

Social Impact

The deep respect the family have for their land and its resources firmly set it apart from most other coffee farms. They have practiced regenerative agriculture since it began in 2016 and also work closely with the Federal University of Uberlandia. They take a holistic approach towards environmental sustainability by avoiding chemical fertilisers and pesticides which in turn builds a balanced and resilient production. This is something they hope to expand upon, subsequently improving the livelihood of rural producers. The farm is currently offering workshops to educate university students, teachers and farmers. Ultimately, the farm will function as a model farm in the region that can be studied and multiplied.

Environmental Impact

According to Imaflora, in 2020 the farm formed part of the top 5% most sustainable coffee farms in the world. The farm has adopted regenerative agriculture in 100% of the area, the regenerative practices are well established and have been operational for many years. Três Meninas Farm has already planted more than 3000 trees and its latest phase of the project will increase planting in addition to the large use of different cover crops. This will deter the pests away from the coffee plants, ensuring the well being and productivity of the ecosystem.  According to the latest research, these actions result in milder temperatures (better microclimate) cycling of nutrients, shelter for micro and macrofauna. It also provides a barrier against the wind, reduces the need for irrigation and therefore saves water.

These actions lead to a more resilient environment and positively impact the region’s landscape. They create healthy, nutrient-dense soil, attracting bees and insects that would otherwise be so vulnerable to pesticides they’d be unable to live there. All of these management tools result in a carbon negative balance and an incredibly slow environmental impact.

Economic Impact

Having nature as a partner is the guiding principle that informs all decisions at the farm aimed at achieving sustainable land in terms of environmental health, productivity, profitability and quality human relationships with those they work with. A living soil in an environment with greater biodiversity make it possible to reduce production costs, healthier food and increase carbon sequestration. In short, a virtuous cycle in which farms become healthier in environmental and economic terms. As the farm is located in the Cerrado Mineiro region (the traditional coffee producer region) it has the potential to become the inspiration of 4500 coffee producers in that region.

Reviews & Ratings

3 reviews for Brazil Fazenda Três Meninas Yellow Catuai

  1. Tom

    Delicious brew! Can’t beat Adams and Russell roasting.

  2. Sam

    I like all Brazil coffees they are nutty aswell as being smooth, I’ve seen this Ipamema on few sites but this one worked out the cheapest so I opted for it and wasn’t disappointed.

  3. Richard

    Lovely Jubbly!! 9/10 from me

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