Mexico Finca Monte Azul


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Flavour Notes

Hazelnut, Spice, Sugar Cane

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 17g in / 33g out / 26 Seconds









Mexico Finca Monte Azul

This Mexican gem grows in Chiapas region of Mexico on the Atlantic side of the country. A natural forest canopy shades the plantation, which holds an abundance of local plant species and fertile breeding grounds for birds and small mammals. A classic Mexican bean, washed and sundried gives a nutty, brown sugar taste consistent with other Mexican arabicas. With a clean tasting finish and medium body, Mexican Finca San Ramon is a well balanced single origin which combines beautifully with milk to produce great lattes and cappuccinos. When extracted through an Espresso coffee machine, enjoy black with a sweet moment of molasses and cinnamon showing through.


History of Coffee in Mexico

Don Quijote tells us that over the last century coffee has become one of Mexico’s most valued exports. It arrived in Mexico in the late 18th century, when it was brought over from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It was not cultivated until the late 18th century because a lot of the land was dedicated to mineral extraction for the production of gold and silver. Once land was devoted to coffee production, the industry flourished and resulted in ‘the coffee boom’ in the 1950s, where it was being traded at prices never seen before. The National Coffee Institute of Mexico (INMECAFE) was then created in the 20th century, guaranteeing stability in production quotas, price inflation and offering technical expertise. In 1989 the industry began to decline. With the disappearance of the INMECAFE, insufficient policies and the artificially controlled price and production, the industry was in serious trouble. Production declined by almost 7% with farmers earning 65% less than they did before. Since 2006, Mexico is slowly building its production back up. It is now more focused on quality rather than quantity, with coffee connoisseurs willing to pay more for the high-quality beans.


Don Pepe- A Family Business

Don Pepe is a family business established in 1992 by Pepe Gorbene. In the 30 years since, the business has gone from strength to strength and they now export over 50,000 bags annually, trading a further 70,000 bags internally.

They own two processing mills: a dry mill in Huatusco as well as a wet mill to gain greater control over quality and experimentation. Don Pepe are now one of the largest private operations in Mexico, and are able to assist with sourcing coffee from all over Mexico- the regions of Chiapis and Veracruz account for roughly 50% of Mexican volumes.

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1 review for Mexico Finca Monte Azul

  1. Phil Benton

    Caramel and sweet with a smooth medium strength finish. Just the right amount of “bite” – just short of bitter. I like this coffee very much as an esspresso, with hot milk or in a three-shot cuppucino.

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