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Origin: Pezuru Estate, Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe
Elevation: 1100m – 1300m
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Sweet tea, caramel, creamier as it cools
Acidity: High, citrus

Rare, creamy coffee

Until recently, coffee from Zimbabwe has been unable to make its way to any enthusiasts cup. With the political pressures easing on the county, small yields of this rare gem has been sold to Europe and Adams + Russell are proud roasters of it.

Growing in the Eastern Highlands of the country, 1100m above sea level may not seem too high, however, plantations that are situated further south of the equator do not require such high altitudes for the beans to grow and develop their flavours correctly. Although Zimbabwe experiences a long dry season between May-October, the plantation is located near the Chiremba Dam that irrigates the land all year round.

The green bean is one of the most consistent beans we have ever roasted, with its uniformity showing through even more once they are roasted. This consistency is down to the meticulous farm management and high quality picking- whereby only the ripe cherries are selected at each visit to the crop during harvest.

If you’re a black coffee fan, this is a real treat. A complex variety of flavours is present including sweet tea, currants and a high acidity that mellows off after the brew cools down. Enjoy this fantastic AA grade coffee in beans or ground, that will be delivered just a few days after being roasted. Yum!

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