Colombia Segundo Ortiz Finca Alto Roblalito


Introducing  Segundo Ortiz, from Finca Alto Roblalito in Colombia. This washed coffee offers clarity, with a creamy sweetness of a natural coffee due it’s extended fermentation of 24 – 36 hours.

Flavour Notes

Maple Syrup, Baked Apple, Speculoos

Recommended Brewing Methods

Drip Filter / 1:16 / 4 – 6 Minutes

SCA Score





Washed / Mixed Anaerobic






Caturra, Colombia


About Segundo Ortíz:

The farmers at Finca Alto Roblalito take the opportunity during the off season between harvests to experiment with different processing methods such as anaerobic and aerobic fermentation. The coffee cherries harvested during this time are typically not of the usual market quality, so to avoid wastage they use the tiny lots for experimentation purposes. This also means that when the harvest season does arrive, they have processing recipes ready so that the highest percentage of their yield makes it onto the Speciality market.


About Cedro Alto:

Cedro Alto is a collective of small-scale coffee farmers in Colombia that produce high quality speciality coffee by environmentally responsible means. Their strict environmental criteria pays farmers for their high quality coffee, then takes on the financial responsibilities of distributing the product to speciality coffee roasteries. Some of the small coffee farmers were growing incredible coffee but they didn’t have the ability to get the coffee to the roasters (Whilst getting a fair price) . This meant the coffee ‘blended in’ with other products and larger producers, losing unique profile and characteristics along the way.

Washed Process Explained:

This is the most popular way of processing coffee. The fruit flesh is mechanically removed with a machine known as a depulper and the beans are then put into a tank to ferment. The amount of time it takes to ferment depends on climate factors such as altitude and temperature. In hotter regions the fermentation will be quicker and vice versa. The process typically takes between 24 – 72 hours. Once complete, the coffee beans are then dried on raised beds.
Flavour profile: Light body, retains the citrus and floral flavours

Anaerobic Fermentation Explained:

Anaerobic Fermentation is a secondary processing method (eg. taking place after washing / natural / honey.) It’s still a relatively new and experimental processing method and is similar to the washed process where the beans are left to ferment in a sealed tank. However in this case the process is done in oxygen deprived tanks that are completely sealed. The fermentation process converts the oxygen into carbon dioxide, taking anywhere from 24 hours – 1 week.
Flavour profile: Creamy, complex with prominent fruit flavours

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