Colombian Finca El Eucalipto


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Origin: Colombia
Elevation: 1700-2000m
Roast: Medium
Process: Washed
Flavour: Apricot & mango, chocolate sauce, red berry compote and honey
Acidity: Well balanced

Colombian Finca El Eucalipto Coffee

Colombian Finca El Eucalipto – A must try for those who enjoy sweetness

The Colombian Finca El Eucalipto benefits from a well balanced body that acts as the base for delicious fruit flavours. Experience lashings of dried fruits such as apricot and mango.

Flavours of chocolate sauce, red berry compote and honey add to the sweetness which produces a delicious cup that any coffee lover must try.

This is a unique tasting coffee that would certainly appeal to those who enjoy sweeter flavours in their cup.


Where is Colombian coffee grown?

One of the most well-known coffee producing regions in Colombia is Nariño, which is where these Finca El Eucalipto beans are grown. The conditions of this location are what makes it so special when it comes to producing beans.

The high altitudes, sunshine and high volumes of rainfall all contribute to the premium quality of the coffee.

The average temperature of 19.9°C allows the Arabica plant to mature at a slower rate, which pulls out the sweetness and sugars from the cherry.

Beans from this area are generally considered to have a medium body, bold acidity, clean taste and sweet flavour.

Portillas Café was set up in Nariño by Rachel and Frank Portilla. They work with members of their family to provide exceptional coffee by using high quality methods and harvesting practices. They value their business on trying to find new and more secure opportunities for their farmers.

The impressive dedication of the farmers throughout every step of the harvesting process shows in the final result and is what makes these beans so special.


The best colombian coffee beans from dedicated farmers

The Portilla family pride themselves on knowing all of their farmers on a personal basis and having a happy, productive relationship with their employees.

The farmers are now the third generation working with the Arabica plants. They are highly specialised in this industry and now exactly what it takes to produce outstanding beans. The coffee is 100% directly sourced from the farms and each bag can be traced back to where it was produced.

The Portilla family thrives in their involvement with the whole process. They are consistently involved in every step, from picking the cherries off the plants to preparing the green beans for exportation.

This dedicated consistency is what makes the Colombian Finca El Eucalipto stand out from the rest.


100% Colombian coffee using the washed processing method…

These beans are processed using the washed method, which is the method used for some of the finest coffees in the world.

It involves the outer skin being removed, the bean being soaked in water and fermented for a couple of days and then washing to remove the mucilage.

This produces flavours that are true to the bean, and not just generic sweet flavours that have come from the skin.

The washed process requires a lot of skills and resources, but is favoured for producing some of the highest quality beans.




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  1. Annick Cottom

    This is a wonderful coffee, not too strong, and ideal for drinking every day. There is definitely a chocolate and honey aroma and taste.

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