Continental Blend


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Flavour Notes

Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 25-30 Seconds


Honduras, Colombia




800m – 1100m

Rich espresso, with chocolate and nutty notes

100% Arabica Coffee.

Continental blend offers a great tasting and consistent cup of coffee for all menu drinks, making it ideal for coffee shops, cafés and businesses wanting to offer their customers a bold yet easy to drink coffee.

Continental consists of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Honduras and Colombia. 80% of the blend is medium roast, with the remaining 20% roasted a little higher. The addition of a fuller roast provides a rich finish, exceptional with milk based drinks. This is one of our signature blends and has been roasted since the company’s inaugural year of trading. We have used the same variety of green beans and not altered the roast profile in over 20 years.

Ideal for Espresso machines.

The Continental blend is perfect for use with espresso coffee machines. The selection of coffee and roast profile is designed to suit all drinks on a traditional coffee shop menu, however it tastes fantastic with hand brew methods also. As we only roast in small batches, you will only ever receive fresh beans, ready to deliver an amazingly smooth crema. This medium and full roast milage tastes great as an Espresso, offering a smooth shot with chocolate notes and a nutty sweetness.

Hand roasted to perfection.

With 40 years experience in the industry, we understand the balance in finding a coffee that all customers will enjoy. Each batch is individually hand roasted and crafted on demand. We only roast in 10kg to ensure a fast turn over of beans, allowing our team of staff to treat the coffee it deserves and so our customers to receive it fresh.

Our wide range offers a great choice of specialty coffee, including single origin and single plantation. Please contact us for any requests you may have as we are happy to roast and source to your specific requirements.

Customer reviews.

“This blend is delightful as an espresso and my customers keep coming back to try it”

Our Continental coffee is just as loved by our customer’s as it is by our team. The feedback we receive is truly brilliant. We are proud to supply our coffee to some great businesses and companies across the UK.

Why use arabica beans?
Arabica is a species of the plant Coffea. As you might guess, Coffea is the plant from which we get our precious coffee beans from. You are likely to recognise the term “Arabica beans”, as they now represent 59% of the world's coffee production.When using Arabica beans, your coffees will benefit from the bean’s natural sweetness and low acidity in combination with a creamy and rich layer of crema. Adams + Russell’s high quality blend allows you to serve a beautiful cup of coffee with minimal effort.


Reviews & Ratings

6 reviews for Continental Blend

  1. Jane

    A great blend. Balanced and rich in flavour. Very good allrounder.

  2. Alan Button

    An ideal coffee bean to make latte’s with.

  3. Stephen Warwick

    Not as good as the last batch, but good enough to make me order again. Thank You.

  4. LimitlessDigital

    I’ve tried a lot of single plantation coffees trying to educate my Italian team and find them something a little more exotic -something that’s not their ‘go to’ Lavazza…so far nothing has hit the spot. On your recommendation I bought a bag of this and they said “IS VERY NICE!”. Thank you!!

  5. Rob

    Love this continental blend. Super smooth – our go to espresso now, a little less bitter than the Classico blend.

  6. Lennon

    Lovely coffee, very smooth and not too bitter

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