What is Single Plantation coffee?

What is single plantation coffee

single plantation coffee


What is Single Plantation coffee?

Single plantation, sometimes also referred to as “single estate”, are coffee beans that have been sourced from one single plantation within a specific geographical area. Single plantation coffee allows the consumer to fully appreciate the flavour characteristics and cultivation process of a particular plantation.


Single plantation coffees will go in and out of season depending on the weather during a specific time of year.


Unfortunately, due to the climate at the locations of these plantations, if you find a single plantation coffee that you really like, there’s no guarantee that it will be available forever.


We usually stock  between 10 and 15 products in our range and try to make a good selection of coffee roast types available at any one time

Single Origin or Single Plantation? What’s the difference?

While single origin coffee usually means it is sourced from a single country, such as Ethiopia, Colombia or Guatemala. An “origin” can be as vast as India, or as small as Uganda, and the cultivating process may vary depending on where in the country the coffee has been sourced from.


Single plantation digs deeper, and offers an understanding of quality and flavour based on the specific estate it is grown on.



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