Best Of Colombia The ASOPEP Association Bundle


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These exclusive Colombian Microlots are highly lauded, and for good reason. This bundle gives you an opportunity to sample the unique flavours of each coffee. Included is two full 227g bags (either beans or ground) of:
– Colombia El Mirador Geisha
– Colombia Los Guayabos

Fairtrade certified.




Pulped / Anaerobic




1700 – 1950M


Geisha / Castillo


ASOPEP was founded in 2013 and it currently has 167 members- significantly more than any other association in Tolima. It is also the only cooperative with the complete coffee infrastructure to manage the entirety of processing, quality control, transportation and commercialisation.

General manager Camilo Enciso has created a relationship between several of the cooperatives in the Planadas region- which has created greater market visibility for the Association and has also increased their presence at trade shows and coffee events around the country.

In the past the organisation has encountered problems accessing financing due to the history of violence that once plagued the Tolima region, creating the impression of a hostile place for investors and moneylenders. ASOPEP has had to work ardently against these perceptions, by building a new reputation based on quality, reliability and transparency.

ASOPEP also take an innovative approach to environmental and global agricultural issues as well as their own in house marketing and production processes. This includes running a rewards program for their members upon producing high end microlots.

Colombia El Mirador Geisha

Produced By: Javier Canacue
Varietal: Geisha
Notes Of: Apricot, Tropical, Stroopwafel
Brew Method: V60: 15g : 250ml / 3 minutes

Colombia Los Guayabos

Produced By: Rodrigo Vela
Varietal: Castillo
Notes Of: Pomegranate, Peach, Lavender
Brew Method: V60: 15g : 250ml / 3 minutes


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1 review for Best Of Colombia The ASOPEP Association Bundle

  1. Alex

    Loved all 3 of these, very different to my usual go to single origins (Guatamalan and Mexican). I mainly drink espresso but on staff recommendation I tried these in a Aeropress and v60 and whilst they were all very tasty and pleasant in a longer drink, I missed the intensity of flavour and eventually reverted and tried them as espresso – wow, what a punch of citrus and tropical fruit flavours they gave. Will try these again as a bit of a treat every once in a while.

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