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Flavour Notes

Brown sugar, Candy-like Sweetness, Hazelnut, Dried Date Acidity






Golden Raisin, Nut


Chiclayo, Lambayeque



A Fairtrade coffee from Peru of the Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache type. Harvested May – October. The coffee has a light to moderate body.


Peru Coffee beans – Fairtrade, Womans Co-operative

This premium Peruvian coffee is one not to miss for any coffee lovers.

This coffee is super sweet. On first aroma, a bit of golden raisin and nuts is present.

The drink starts off with a brown sugar, possibly candy like sweetness, followed by a hazelnut at the back of each taste.

As the beverage cools, the sweetness expands with a dried date like acidity pushing through.


Fair trade coffee that supports local communities

Fair trade isn’t just about a fair wage and better working conditions, it’s so much more than that. It provides a stable income to support families, allows local businesses to thrive and promotes sustainable farming practices to build a brighter future.

The Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente (CECANOR) is a cooperative organisation based amongst three neighbouring regions of Peru; Amazonas, Cajamarca, and Lambayeque.

The organisation was set up Isabel Uriarte and her husband Victor Rojas Diaz to replace ageing cooperative practices. Cooperatives have been available in Peru since the late 60’s, but with limited resources and marketing provided to the producer, and often late payments for their produce, the cooperatives rarely helped towards sustaining farmers produce as well as their families.

As of 2018, CECANOR has grown to 1629 members across 68 communities.

The organisation provides its members with resources such as technical assistance to help them produce a higher quality and environmentally sustainable product.

Financial support is available to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of their crop. In return for the producer’s hard work, CECANOR helps towards the social aspects of the surround villages, providing sources of social service and community events.

The community that produced this harvest are based in the mountainous regions of Lambayeque.

Located along the South Pacific coast, Rainforests to the north, and even more mountainous regions south of Amazonas.

With this location, and the constant supply of flowing river water from the Andes, the plantations are in the centre of the perfect micro-climate for growing coffee, making for some of the most fertile and nutritious plains in Peru.

When harvest hits, the producers with pick the cherries until around 4pm, followed by de-pulping and leaving the beans to ferment in fermentation tanks overnight.

The following morning, the beans will be assessed, washed, then taken to the dry mill in Chiclayo where they will be dried, graded, then prepared for export.


Peruvian coffee beans – what exactly does G1 mean?

G1, also known as Grade 1 or Specialty Grade Coffee are some of the highest quality beans that you can purchase.

They are graded by many factors, one including the defects. Coffee Research tells us that G1 has no primary defects and 0 – 3 full defects.

Other factors that go into a Grade 1 certification include:

  • Showcases a distinct attribute in one of these areas: taste, acidity, body, or aroma.
  • Must have no cup faults or taints
  • No quakers (unripened or defective beans that fail to roast properly)
  • Moisture content must be between 9 – 13%


Where are the best places to buy Peru coffee?

Peruvian beans are known for their gentle, flavourful and aromatic qualities. Our roasting experts recommend any coffee lover to taste a fresh cup to discover why they’re so widely appreciated.

To ensure you are receiving authentic Grade 1 Peruvian beans, always buy from a trusted supplier.

At Adams + Russell we hand roast in small batches every day to ensure the coffee is as fresh as possible when it arrives at your front door.

Browse our full range of coffees to explore our different origins and to see what offers we have available.

Reviews & Ratings

2 reviews for Fairtrade Peru Cecanor Lambayeque – Women’s Cooperative

  1. Olga Hulse

    Good enough quality, however no the best…
    I struggled to pick any of the suggested taste notes, so a bit of disappointment.

  2. Ben

    I came in yesterday and bought a 1kg bag of the new Peru coffee that replaced the San Martin G1. They guy who spoke to and who served me (sorry don’t know his name) said for me to email in with my first impressions. I had my first cup this afternoon and I am very impressed. It’s extremely smooth, which I love and tbh I’d say it’s possibly my favourite single plantation of yours that I’ve had (I’ve tried pretty much all of them now).

    Thanks for the recommendation and I’ll definitely be buying more of it soon.

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