Colombia 'Francini' Honey Process



Sweet Colombian coffee

This arabica is a perfect example of the high quality coffee that Colombia is capable of producing. With intense, honeyed aroma with caramel, this coffee packs a lot of flavour and its large consistent screen size reflects the hard work that goes into harvesting and processing. With some of the most diverse landscape available, the area of Armenia is slightly cooler than other regions which is ideal growing conditions for rich tasting arabica. Francini’s farm lies in the heart of Colombia’s countryside and inherited the plantation from his family. He is also a good friend of ours and we are proud to roast his honey process lot among some other of his exquisite coffees. The farm also grows oranges, lemons, bananas that provide a rich root system that adds citrus notes to the coffee.

What is ‘honey process coffee’?

Honey process refers to how the green beans are treated after harvest. Usually coffee undergoes a ‘washed’ process where the pulped beans are soaked in water to remove its remaining sticky layer. With honey process, the green beans are dried out with this sticky layer still intact.

Find out more about Francini
Before Christmas 2020, Francini popped into the roasting house to taste and sample his roasted coffee. Whilst he was there he sat down with Tom to talk more about his experience as a coffee farmer - click here to read the interview in full.
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