DaVinci White Chocolate Sauce 2.5kg


DaVinci White Chocolate Sauce 2.5kg

The Best White Chocolate Sauce for Coffee, Waffles, Ice Cream and More…

This white chocolate sauce is smooth, rich and creamy. It is the perfect way to add a touch of sweetness to your recipes. Enhance the flavour of your beverages and recipes with the luxury taste of this product.

DaVinci only use the highest quality ingredients for their products, which is what gives a gourmet taste every time. The sweet base of creamy white chocolate combined with a subtle hint of vanilla creates an irresistible flavour that will compliment so many recipes.

This is such a popular flavour and it’s not hard to see why. The authentic white chocolate taste is luxurious and delightful, making it hard not to add to almost every recipe!


Where to Buy White Chocolate Sauce


You can rely on this product from DaVinci to deliver excellent flavour every time. Their commitment to superior taste is evident and this is a product your friends, family or customers will love.

You can also rely on this product for safety. As it is a plastic user-friendly bottle, it will not cause any dangerous situations in the kitchen or a coffee shop like a glass bottle could.

Expand your menu and excite customers with the addition of this indulgent sauce. Turn old favourite drink recipes into new and unique creations.


White Chocolate Sauce for Coffee, Strawberries, Mochas and More


This creamy white chocolate sauce is incredibly versatile and be used in so many different ways. The sweet taste pairs perfectly with desserts and other sweet recipes. It also compliments savoury dishes and adds something a little special.

Here is some inspiration to get you started with your white chocolate sauce creations:

  1. Coffee – This product is delicious in coffee and can be used instead of sugar to sweeten things up.
  2. Tea – There are so many different flavours of tea to experiment with. Have fun in finding your favourite flavour combinations.
  3. Strawberries – Strawberries dipped in white chocolate is the perfect pairing. Or try any other fruit dipped in this sauce for a truly indulgent moment.
  4. Frappe – Iced coffee is delicious and refreshing, especially with a drizzle of this product.
  5. Hot chocolate – Give this decadent drink a new exciting flavour by creating a white hot chocolate.


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