Single Wall Stainless Steel Cafetiere


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LX Single Wall Cafetiere 3 Cup (350ml)
LX Single Wall Cafetiere 8 Cup (1 Litre)

  • Contemporary Shaped single wall
  • Stainless Steel

A classic and practical cafetiere for exceptional quality coffee

This modern and stylish single wall cafetiere is a practical option for your coffee brewing.

The mirrored stainless steel finish is an elegant addition to the kitchen, which also fits in with many different interiors. This material is also great to have around children, rather than a glass option that will shatter when dropped and can be extremely hazardous.

This brewing device will produce premium tasting coffee, even after many uses. This is a product you can rely on for consistent delicious coffee.


How much coffee can I make with the LX single wall cafetiere?

There are two options for this product, 3 cup or 8 cup.

The 3 cup comes in a smaller design that holds 350ml. The 8 cup size holds 1 litre.

For those who enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in their own company, the smaller size is perfect for just a few cups.

Or if you are relaxing with friends or family, opt for the bigger size to accommodate for all.


How do I keep this cafetiere clean?

Not only is this product sleek and stylish, it is also practical and so easy to take care of.

The stainless steel makes this product dishwasher safe. We recommend washing after every use to avoid the build up of coffee oil or residue. This is so you can create a delicious tasting drink every time and to maintain the quality of the product.

To keep nice and shiny in between washes, simply polish with a very soft cloth.


What is the best way to brew coffee with the LX single wall cafetiere?

There are many tips and tricks to achieve the best cup of coffee with this product.

Some things to consider are:

  • Grind size
  • Amount of coffee
  • Brew time
  • Water temperature

To read more about this and to find out the exact steps to brewing, you can read our guide to brewing in a cafetiere post.

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