Guatemala Bojangles


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Flavour Notes

Dark Fruits, Cocoa, Maple Syrup

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 28 Seconds








1300m – 1400m

Guatemala Bojangles

This is a very interesting coffee with balanced flavours of chocolate, with a sweet fruit aroma. Listed as a SHB (strictly hard bean) grade, this coffee is grown at 1350m the ideal height for gourmet coffee. The altitude and mild temperatures give the coffee time to develop and mature slowly. The beans are sorted in Europe to remove any undesirable defects before being re-sacked.

Guatemala Coffee

Guatemala is a central American country which is bordered by Mexico. Due to its proximation to the equator, Guatemala enjoys wet and dry seasons. With a steady temperature of 22°C and 4 inches of rainfall every month it is ideal for growing coffee. Guatemala is known for unique, premium beans, and have been exporting green beans since the 19th century. Guatemala has a high reputation for traceability, farmers and plantation owners have their own wet mills and harvest stations which allows a thorough trail of production to be known. Typical characteristics of Guatemalan coffee include winey acidity, heavier bodies and chocolate notes.

Guatemala coffee growing regions

It is estimated that the country produces over 3 million bags of beans every year. It produces varieties such as Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Maragogype, Pache & Pacamara, and has several producing regions. These are:

  1. Antigua – Known for its rich volcanic soil, low humidity, sunshine and cool breezes is what makes these beans so brilliant. You can find Adams and Russell’s Antigua coffee here.
  2. Acatenango Valley – The beans benefit from lots of shade on steep slopes. The soil is rich and full of nutrients due to the eruptions from nearby volcanos.
  3. Atitlán – Mostly grown against the slopes of volcanoes. The beans gain their unique characteristics from cold winds.
  4. Cobán – This region gets nice ripe cherries from plenty of rainfall. Labour is intense here because of the staggered flowering.
  5. Fraijanes Plateau – High altitudes, heavy rainfall and varied humidity is what gives these beans their unique flavours.
  6. Huehuetenango – One of the three non-volcanic regions. It’s high elevations, dry climate and inability to get frost makes fantastic speciality beans.
  7. Nueva Oriente – Dominated by small, local producers. Beans from this region can be varied because of this.
  8. San Marcos – Gets the earliest flowering due to heavy rainfall.
Reviews & Ratings

3 reviews for Guatemala Bojangles

  1. Dieter

    very good quality bean, expertly roasted, quick delivery, I strongly recommend Adams & Russell

  2. Michael

    A damn nice naturally sweet roast, the more ground coffee I added to a brew the better the taste profile became without becoming too bitter or strong.
    No matter how I brewed it, it was impossible to make a bad brew.

    Works very well in an aeropress with 20 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee and a seeping time of 4 minutes.

    In a stove top moka pot the coffee was perfect with the coffee ground very fine with a very low heat and an extraction time of about 90 seconds.

    With a french press it made a good brew but took a bit more experimenting. On a medium grind with 55 grams of medium-coarse coffee I left it to brew for 6 minutes before pressing.

    Guatemalan coffee is the don!

  3. Rich

    Best coffee i have tasted in a long time.

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