Fairtrade Colombian


Roast: Medium
Country of Origin: Colombia

3 for £15


fair trade coffee beans

Fairtrade Colombian – Rich, smooth and delicious…

These Colombian Fair Trade beans are a must try for any coffee lover.

If you enjoy a cup that is rich and smooth with flavours of caramel and toasted nuts, this is the perfect coffee for you.

The subtle sweetness of caramel pairs brilliantly with the exciting nutty flavours. We hand roast these beans in small batches at a medium level to get the ultimate flavour.

Our roasting experts carefully watch over the small batches of beans to ensure they are getting the perfect even roast. The second they are at optimum roast level, they are removed to cool.

Of course, we have to brew a cup to make sure they have been roasted correctly (quality control!) and the whole team always looks forward to a fresh cup of Colombian Fair Trade.


Why should we buy fair trade coffee?

As the name suggests, fair trade is all about fairness. This is in regard to workers, conditions, pay, sustainability and much more.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy fair trade beans:

  1. Fair working conditions for workers and farmers. The working conditions must be safe and healthy for everyone involved in production.
  2. Workers and farmers receive a fair wage for their work, which allows them to support their families and the local community.
  3. Higher quality goods. As workers are in better conditions and receive a fair pay, they can focus on the art of their work and produce exceptional products.
  4. Reliable work. Fair Trade is focused on giving workers a reliable wage which reduces anxiety and fear around money or periods of no work.
  5. Better for the environment. The practices used are sustainable for the environment and benefit local ecosystems.


Arabica vs Colombian coffee – what’s the difference?

Arabica is a species of coffee, whereas as Colombian is an origin of coffee.

Arabica is a high quality species which accounts for around 60-70% of the worlds total production. The second most popular species is Robusta. Arabica beans grow on Arabica trees usually in South/ Central America and Africa.

Colombia is the third highest producer of coffee, although it is not a species. The country produces many different types of coffee. ‘Colombian coffee’ is simply referring to where the beans are grown.

These Colombian Fair Trade beans are 100% Arabica and have a delicious premium taste. They are favoured for their smooth, rich and subtly sweet taste.


Is Colombian coffee good? Why it’s a favourite amongst connoisseurs…

It is a favourite amongst connoisseurs, which is why it’s one of the world’s highest producers.

These beans are grown at an elevation of 1200 – 1800m, which produces a deliciously sweet cup. At higher elevations, the beans mature at a slower rate, which pulls out more of the complex sugars.

Many coffee lovers favour Colombian beans for their irresistible richness and subtle caramelised sweetness.

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Beans, Green Beans, Ground


1KG, 227g (3 for £15)





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3 for £15 Single Origin

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Wholesale, Retail (inc. specials)


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