Verona 6 Cup Induction Stovetop


The Verona Stovetop has been cleverly designed with a heat resistant borosilicate glass upper chamber and a durable aluminium base that’s suitable for all heat sources. Arguably the best aspect of the design is the glass top, allowing you to watch your coffee as it brews.

  • 290ml (6 cup) capacity
  • Comes with a free 227g bag of coffee worth £7

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Stovetop Brew Guide:

  • Fill the bottom chamber of the Stovetop with water to just under the valve.
  • Fill the filter basket with coffee, tap on the counter to create an even bed of coffee. Connect the upper chamber of the Stovetop and seal firmly.
  • Use a low to medium heat. *For gas, make sure the flames do not rise around the pot*
  • Start your timer. Coffee should appear after about 60 seconds and take a further 60 seconds to brew. Remove from the heat as the flow slows.
  • Serve immediately to avoid over extraction.
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