Street Filter


Full strength coffee with both Arabica and Robusta beans to give strength and longevity in the filter pot.

Measured Sachets with Filter Papers Included:
80×2.5oz (70g)

Coffee Blend: 80 / 20 (Arabica/Robusta)

Street Filter

Strong Ground Coffee, full strength 80/20 blend


Street filter is made from a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans to produce a full-strength cup. Easy drinking, full of flavour with a rich aftertaste.

This Street filter is ideal for wholesale customers and businesses wanting to offer their customers the perfect pick-me-up. The Vienna roast can be enjoyed on its own, with milk, or as a complement to sweet desserts or savoury meals and sandwiches.

This high-quality filter coffee provides a perfect chance for cafes to serve customers a punchy alternative to the average flat white.

The finished foil packaging is superior at keeping the flavour locked in ensuring ultimate satisfaction.

You can yield approximately 8 cups from a single 70g sachet – we have upped the dosage with Street filter with just under 10g going into each cup, a maximum boost for coffee lovers.


For Customers Wanting a Strong Coffee with hints of Sweetness


Before grinding, the beans are roasted for a longer time than usual to ensure a rich cup full of flavour. Street Filter is the ideal choice for customers looking for a strong and characteristic beverage.

The beans are also blended with a touch of fig during the roasting process, which may add a hint of sweetness to your palette but also give longevity in the filter pot.

Consumers who tend to be less affected by caffeine but still want to get a bit of a boost throughout the day will love this option being on a menu.


The Best Filter Coffee


Filter coffee is a great way to get a premium tasting cup every single time. Because they come in weighed out sachets, it is the easiest way to get consistent, high quality coffee.

Because it is so finely brewed, it has a much cleaner and more enjoyable taste.

This product does come with its own filters, but if you do run out then you can purchase more here.

Our range of filter coffees is especially popular among businesses who offer it to clientele, as they can be assured that it will be premium quality every time.

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