Costa Rica Batamba Geisha


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Flavour Notes

Bergamot, Candyfloss, Honeysuckle

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso – 18g/40g 27 Seconds Filter – 1:16 3 minutes


Costa Rica







The Geisha variety

The ‘Geisha’ or ‘Gesha’ variety of coffee has become one of the most consistent, high quality coffee cultivated over the last two decades. Geisha from Panama received global recognition when the Hacienda La Esmeralda farm entered a competition. It attracted markets from all over the world and has continued its prevalence within the industry since. This interest sparked other nations in South America to grow the variety, with El Salvador being the latest addition. Like all arabica, Geisha’s journey begins in Ethiopia. It just so happened that Costa Rica were cultivating Geisha before Panama. Continued efforts have brought Costa Rican Geisha to a very high standard and many similar flavours and traits are noticeable when comparing it to the Panamanian strain. This coffee has a wonderful, complex flavour of candy floss, honeysuckle and subtle bergamot. A certain head turner amongst our roasting house, this is one of the most exciting coffees we have had in a long time.

Batamba is named after the area of land that existed before the farm itself did. It also the exclusive region dedicated to growing Geisha. This is the first yield of its kind for this farm and has already been awarded an 88.5 cupping score which is considered very high.


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1 review for Costa Rica Batamba Geisha

  1. Clive Tolley

    Given the hype over Geisha coffee, I thought I would give it a try. However, I am somewhat underwhelmed. I have tried both filter and French press methods, made to a strength that generally suits me for most coffees (15g freshly ground beans, sieved to remove smallest powder, to 200 ml water at around 90 degrees, brewed for 3 mins or else filtered slowly). The coffee is pleasant, but tastes rather weak and generally lacking in flavour, and I would say is over all non-descript, which, given the very high price, is a disappointment. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

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