Coffee’s most elegant brew method

The elegance of brewing with a Chemex makes them a popular hand brew methods used in coffee shops. The sleek, stylish design and allows the science of brewing coffee come to life snd its easy to use. Since its invention in 1941, crystal clear filter brews have been pleasing coffee lovers and added flair in the process. It is not difficult to see why these are such a sought after addition to your kitchen or coffee shop.

Features of Chemex brewers

Chemex coffee makers feature heat resistant glass so your brew retains its heat, although the glass will heat up during extraction. The addition of the wooden collar makes it cool to touch when pouring and also adds a stylish extra. The long neck hold a thicker than usual filter paper, which itself has its benefits. Thicker filter paper removes the more bitter taste that coffee can sometimes carry. Unlike bold, heavy coffee from a Cafetiere, a Chemex produces an easy to drink coffee that showcases delicate flavour. It also absorbs more coffee oils which creates a cleaner brew without compromising extraction.

How is a Chemex used?

The Chemex is essentially a filter method, in which gravity allows water to pass through the ground coffee. Working with a consistent brew ratio, the coffee solubles dissolve in hot water before falling to the bottom of the vessel. A fine grind size should be used to control the flow of water through the filter paper. To learn more about hand brewing filter coffee, view our V60 brew guide