Airscape® Storage Canister 250G


How To Use The Airscape?

Simply pour the contents into the Airscape and plunge the lid right down to the surface of the contents, to remove as much of the air as possible. This creates a vacuum that keeps the contents fresh and is 100% leakproof. Replace the translucent lid to the top of the cannister.

What Colours Is The 250g Airscape Available In?

  • Matte Charcoal
  • Matte White
  • Red Rock
  • Glass / Bamboo

Why Buy The Airscape?

Whatever you choose to store in the Airscape, be it ground coffee, coffee beans, or loose leaf tea- it’s guaranteed to keep the contents fresh. The plunger style lid creates a vacuum effect, forcing the air out and stopping the oxygen from causing the contents to turn stale. You’ll hear a satisfying ‘swoosh’ sound when opening and closing.

The top lid is clear, helping you to monitor the level of contents inside. Both the top and the inner lid are BPA free and are considered food-safe.

It’s made from durable, galvanised steel that not only keeps the contents stable, it doesn’t stain or retain odour either.