Which are the best coffees for V60 Drip Method?

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At Adams + Russell, we love to find out the best way to drink our coffees after roasting.

And what’s more, we love it when we find a coffee that goes great with a V60 coffee maker. So hopefully you love it too.

In fact our good friend at coffeeblog.co.uk has done a brilliant review of the Hario V60 Coffee Maker

So what better way to help you with your V60 than to give you the ultimate guide for finding the best coffee to go with it.

By the way, if you’d like to see which are the best coffee beans for your preferred taste, then have a read of this article coffee which provides advice on Which coffee you should buy.
Best coffee for V60

Are beans or ground best for your V60 coffee maker?

Do you have a grinder? If so,  we usually recommend buying coffee beans, that way they will stay fresh for longer and when you come to use them with your V60 you will be sure to extract those special flavours

If you buy the ground coffee then only buy the small bags 227g. If you open a 1kg bag of coffee and it takes a while to finish, it may become bitter before you know it.

So it’s fairly simple and shouldn’t take you long to decide. Here’s a couple more grinding tips.


Which grind size is best for a V60 drip method?

Try to find a consistent grind which works for you. And if your drip is taking too long, you may need to grind your beans a bit coarser.

Grind your coffee last. That way you will keep the freshness packed into the bean right up until you’re ready to brew.


The list of best coffees for a V60 coffee maker

We’ve gone through each of the coffees that we roast to see which of them go best with a V60 Coffee Maker

Below is a list of favourites with their country of origin, then there’s more details about each individual coffee and why we think they are great for a V60.

So let’s dive right in. In no particular order:


Why are the above coffee best for V60 drip?

Why is Mexican SHG Coffee good with V60 drip?

The beans are wet milled, reducing the amount of defects and giving a clean taste. There is an all round sweetness and balanced feel to this coffee, with a complex flowery note all throughout. A V60 magnifies all these floral tastes and produces a beautiful crystal clear coffee.

Why is Uganda Mount Elgon Coffee good with V60 drip?

Growing at 1300-2300 metres above sea level, the coffee has a fruity, floral note with hints of pear and a lingering red wine taste. Adams + Russell roast the beans medium, and we think its great as a V60 coffee, this balances out the acidity and provides clear brew. Perfect!


Why is Kenya Peaberry Coffee good with V60 drip?

The quality is derived from the high elevated growing regions. Rich volcanic soils, consistent temperatures, and good rainfall. The coffee is wet processed to ensure the best quality and carefully graded.

That’s why it’s great as a morning coffee, and exceptional in a V60 drip, or Chemex pour over. Enjoy black to allow the nippy acidity to really tickle the taste buds.


Why is TIMOR GRADE 1 Coffee good with V60 drip?

The dark roast of this bean releases a rich chocolate flavour and the lack of acidity adds to the smoothing taste. A slight smoky hint is noticeable, with a clean body perfect in a V60 or Chemex.

Release the fantastic flavours of this bean exclusively at Adams + Russell. Available in beans or ground and always fresh!


Why is Panama Hacienda Coffee good with V60 drip?

We’ve added this one on the list because we wanted to give you the option. Even though there was mixed views about whether the Panama was better with a V60 or an Aeropress. But that will always depend on your taste buds

We spent a fair bit of time finding out the best way to drink the Panama Hacienda coffee. This particular blend is subtle in a V60 with the acidity coming out more. So if you like the acidity, then go for this one.

But it always works great as an Aeropress coffee too. Where the heavier body coats your mouth with a sweet finish. Perfect!


Hario also provide a useful guide on how to brew with a V60 dripper



Adams + Russell Say:

“Pride, Passion and Perfection is what goes into every roasted bean at Adams + Russell Coffee Roasters. 

Where we’ve been roasting the freshest coffee since 1978.

We roast each and every day. Giving you the choice of over 46 roasts from all over the world. All our beans have a unique story of pride behind them. Right back to the country of origin and the farmers we work with. 

We won’t be be beaten on price and quality never suffers at Adams+Russell Coffee Roasters. So give us a try.”





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