V60 Coffee Maker


V60 filter coffee

Ideal for coffee enthusiasts looking to further their hand brew skills and explore the more refined flavours of single origin coffee. The V60 is a similar to most drip filter equipment, where a paper filter is held in place and allows gravity to pass the water through the grounds. Test your steady hand by pouring the water with a gooseneck kettle, this helps evenly distribute the water over the grounds and prevents channeling which disrupts even extraction.

Full immersion vs Drip

The brew method involved when making a Cafetière is known as full immersion, which means that all the grounds are submerged in hot water. This creates good extraction but the resulting coffee may appear too heavy and some desired flavours may be lost in the overall result. Drip brewing involves the introduction of water in smaller doses, only adding more when the previous pour has dripped through the coffee. The benefits of this method are it produces a cleaner, refined taste and extracts coffee much more gently.

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