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Flavour Notes

Tobacco, Earthy, Dark Cocoa,

Recommended Brewing Methods

Espresso 16g/35g 25 Seconds









Java Coffee beans, full bodied and bold


Introduced by the Dutch in 1696, Java is a classic full-bodied coffee. The cherry is wet hulled, which is how it gets the earthiness characteristic. During the drying process, the bean is prematurely hulled from its parchment/skin. The process is in place to get the bean to market faster. For this, Java, Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world.

Typically, the less you roast beans the more you can taste the natural flavours of the green bean – this is new generation of coffee whereby the delicate nuances carried are more savoured than the caffeine hit alone. However, darker flavours will always be a favourite amongst some and this Java bean is packed full of flavour. The sheen coating of the bean gives a great roasted taste, with a low acidity which is great for coffee drinkers who take milk.

Java Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Grown at an elevation of 1400m and on the east side in the Ijen volcano complex, these are very high-quality beans. A low acidity paired with a deep body makes a rich, luxurious coffee. Subtle Earthy notes of chocolate and tobacco spices produces a unique flavour that is ideal for high roast coffee lovers.

Java coffee beans

History of Java Coffee

Java’s first coffee export was to Europe in 1711. It’s popularity soon flourished and it over took Mocha as being the largest producer. Kawisari Coffee tells us that there were more than one million Arabica trees in Cianjur in 1723 when Indonesia’s coffee industry emerged. The brand name Java Coffee soon became the most popular and the world shifted from Mocha to Java. The Mocha/Java blend still remains one of the oldest traditions however and the pair make an ideal combination.

Various fungal diseases destroyed many plantations in 1876, with only plants above an elevation of 1,000 metres surviving. Java replaced arabica with robusta which is known to being more resistant and became the number one robusta exporter in the world. Now, arabica flourishes once more and robusta is mostly grown in Vietnam.

Reviews & Ratings

8 reviews for Java

  1. Will Benton

    Wow! Even opening the pack is quite an experience, the smell is fabulous. If you’re a lover of powerful dark roast coffees this is the one for you. For my own tastes this works well as the basis of a big milk drink such as a latte, but is too dominant in a flat white, or cortado. I purchased beans, for use with a grinder and espresso machine.

  2. Marcin

    Exactly as described deep earth notes, low acidity. Very satisfied, definitely will get more.

  3. Kim

    Best coffee i have ever had! Tastes like espresso but i make it with my Aeropress….

  4. Richard Hallett

    I agree totally with the other comments, except that it’s not to our taste.

  5. AlanD

    For my taste this coffee is close to perfect, what I need is to get my machine finely tuned to get a perfect cup of coffee. It’s a very rich dark coffee that has a punchy depth to it which is to my liking.

  6. theunloyalnerd

    Great Coffee!
    It’s actually the second coffee ever grown in the history of the Business, it’s great in the traditional Arabic way (You might know it as Turkish). It’s definitely my favourite coffee in this price range which really makes me happy as I can get it all the time. I would like to know more about the sourcing and who they get it from. It’s a great high roast coffee and the only one they sell. You can actually make it taste like espresso just using a french press or even Turkish but it works in heavy milk drinks as well. I cannot recommend this coffee enough.

  7. Sharon

    Tried this coffee because of the low acidity. Lovely medium flavour without any bitterness. Delivery was very quick. I shall be a regular customer of Adams and Russell from now on.

  8. John Welbourn

    Roasted a tad past the second crack. The beans grind very easily, so I had to dial down a notch on my grinder to get a suitable espresso grind. I’m not sure about the tobacco, earthy, dark cocoa flavour description on the bag; tobacco perhaps. The aroma was an intense almond blast from the fresh brewed espresso. Taste to me was light (almost thin), fresh, sweet, ethereal, slightly smoky with a hint of ketones and a hint of amyl alcohol. It’s spectacularly good as espresso plus milk. The coffee is so good it doesn’t touch the sides on the way down, so I’ll buy at least 1kg next time. It leaves a delighdful, lingering, slightly chalky character on the palate. One of the nicest breakfast “café-au-lait” beans I’ve tasted

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