Great Taste Bundle



We’ve created a bundle of our Great Taste Award Winning coffees for £18, to give you a chance to sample the unique flavours of all three coffees. You’ll receive 3 full 227g bags (beans or ground) of:

  • Machu Supreme
  • Faros Espresso
  • Fairtrade Continental Blend

Machu Supreme


A Peruvian Arabica from the Junin region is the heart and soul of our Machu Supreme, with light citrus notes and  creamy sweetness, this coffee is the perfect foundation for all coffee shop favourites. The delicate flavours are preserved when drunk either black or with milk.

Faros Espresso


Exclusively blended by our SCA registered Barista Andreas, Faros is a love letter to his Greek heritage. He’s taken our Award Winning Single Plantation coffees from Rwanda, Brazil and Ethiopia and created a blend that’s complex, smooth and crisp. This blend is unique and a coffee worth paying attention to. It speaks not only to the Adams + Russell brand, but the important people behind it.

Fairtrade Continental Blend


Fairtrade are a global, non-profit organisation who have a set of strict standards that encourage environmental sustainability and ensure that everyone involved in the production of the coffee are treated and compensated fairly.

Fairtrade beans from Central and South America are roasted individually and then blended together to create our Fairtrade house blend. This creates a mellow foundation leading to a full flavour and rich finish. Continental is one of Adams + Russell’s signature blends, the roast profile for which has remained unchanged for over 20 years.

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