Aeropress GO + Free Coffee


Make great extracted coffee on the go with this easy to use Aeropress Go. Includes a free bag of Adams + Russell continental coffee.


Aeropress body
Filter cap, carrier and filters
Carry mug

What features does the Aeropress GO have?

The new Aeropress GO features a sleeker body and carry cup to brew and drink your coffee on the go. All accessories fit snugly into the cup so that your brewing equipment is organised and easy to travel with. Whether its for your office or a weekend in the Alps – this will fix your caffeine needs.

The Aeropress GO has the same cap size as the original model so you can use your filters with either. It is more suited to making a shorter 8oz drink compared to the 10oz the original Aeropress brews. If you fancy anything larger you can always dilute your brew with more hot water.

Why use an Aeropress GO coffee maker?

Being the newest brew method to brace the worlds coffee stage, the Aeropress has remarkable reviews for its extraction and clean body coffee. Coffee brews in a similar way to a Cafetière but with the addition of pressure which helps extract a higher percentage of dissolved flavour. A cafetière is a classic way of brewing coffee but you are often left with a cloudy brew with higher acidity and some bitter flavours. The Aeropress ensures that only desired flavours are extracted and the clean body makes it easy to drink.

Aeropress GO Brew Guide

Visit our brew guide to learn more about how to control extraction. This guides you through the inverted method, which is a smarter way of brewing as water does not flow through the filter whilst the coffee is brewing. The Aeropress is a fantastic way to learn about coffee as it is simple to replicate the brew process with minimal clean up and fast results. Try changing your brew ratio or water temperature to find a personal brew method that suits your palate. With a bit of practice you can master your coffee shop favourites in no time.