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Showcasing our coffees which deserve to be given the spotlight.

We all have our favourite coffees here at Adams and Russell but as passionate coffee enthusiasts we’re always willing to try something new and different. 

Each month we will be showcasing a number of coffees which we feel deserve to be given a spotlight, exploring the region from which they come from and explaining why we feel these coffees deserve to be talked about and how you can enjoy them.



Mexico Finca Monte Azul

Tasting Profile

Hazelnut, Spice, Sugar Cane

Why we love it

Monte Azul celebrates the characteristics that the growing region is best known for. Sweet flavour with a light body and mild acidity, it’s a good all-rounder.

we recommend

17g in / 33g out / 26 seconds. V60- 15g coffee / 250ml water


The knowledge and passion of our staff culminate in an ever-evolving roasting house, one that has adapted the changes to the coffee industry over the last 40+ years.