Fairtrade Honduras Amprocal Womens Cooperative


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  • Beans
  • Ground
  • 227g
  • 1KG
  • 5 x 1KG

Flavour Notes

Bittersweet Chocolate, Confectionery Toffee, Butter Fudge






Citrus Clementine


La Labor, Ocotepeque



These type of beans are Lempira, parainema and the brewed coffee has a moderate body with bittersweet chocolate flavours.



Honduras Coffee Tasting Notes & Flavour Profile

These Honduras coffee beans are the best around. You can purchase them in either 227g bags, 1kg bags or 5 x 1kg.

The beans have a flavour profile of rich bitter sweet chocolate and confectionery chocolate with toffee like flavour throughout.

They also provide tasting notes with a citrusy clementine acidity which becomes predominant as it cools, an aftertaste of butter fudge after each sip.

Honduras Coffee Plantations & Production

While Honduras, as a country is rich with plantations across the country, we purchase our beans through the Amprocal association.

The AMPROCAL is an association for women producers based in the Ocotepeque department of Honduras. Located West of Honduras near the border of El Salvador and Guatemala, the project was created to allow women and their families to help develop the cup quality Honduras biggest export.


A Fairtrade Organisation supporting sustainable Plantations

As a Fairtrade certified Association, The AMPROCAL provides women with the resources to grow a sustainable crop.

It also gives them a gateway into pushing their product to market and receiving a fair price in return.


A two-way relationship between production and Amprocal

The association helps provide the women with technical support, offering training and assistance in agronomic farming, such as the use of organic fertilisers, which in turn will bring an improved, more environmentally friendly product to market.

The more education and enthusiasm from the farmers, the better price they will receive for their product, while also unlocking access to low interest credit to help the farmers expand the productivity and sustainability of their crop.


Recommended Brewing Methods:

V60/drip brewing. 19g coffee to 300ml of water. 2:30-3 minute brew time


Reviews & Ratings

3 reviews for Fairtrade Honduras Amprocal Womens Cooperative

  1. Karen Pierce

    Great flavour coffee which brews with a lovely creamy top

  2. lynne button

    absolutely delicious, brews well with strong but delicate flavours

  3. wf.cunningham1

    This is a must buy / try coffee – delicious, creamy, with subtle undertones of chocolate and fudge

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