10 best ways for enjoying your coffee even more – Brilliant tips

10 best ways to enjoy coffee

Find 10 easy ways to make the most out of your coffee beans and enjoy it even more than you already do.

From getting the most out of the caffeine content, bringing out the best flavours, finding the best foods to pair it with and much more.

This guide is perfect for those looking to up their coffee game and truly appreciate the greatness of this delicious drink.

1.      The best time to drink coffee

There are certain times which are best for coffee consuming. This is all down to a hormone our body produces called cortisol.

It is the hormone we produce when we’re stressed or feeling anxious. Our bodies need it as it lets you know when to stop something that is causing strain or excess stress.

However, there are certain times of the day when cortisol levels peak for the average person:

  • 8am – 9am
  • 12pm – 1pm
  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Caffeine can trigger small amounts of cortisol, so it is best to avoid drinking it at these peak times.

2.      How to enjoy coffee all day without getting dehydrated

Caffeine is a diuretic, which causes an increase in the amount of water expelled from our bodies. When only drinking caffeinated drinks, this can lead to dehydration.

Many people become dehydrated without even realising, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Headaches
  • Feeling dizzy or light headed
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Extreme thirst
  • Tiredness

3.      Small frequent cups to get the most out of your coffee

Although it may be tempting to indulge in one huge mug in the morning, you may not be getting the most out of your caffeine kick.

Neuroscientist Chris Chatham suggests 20-200mg of caffeine per hour to give the best mental boost. So, if you want to increase mental alertness, reduce headaches and improve focus, reduce your portions and increase servings.

4.      Make the most out of your day with caffeine naps

Power naps + coffee = the latest and greatest invention.

We have always been told to avoid caffeine when it comes to sleeping, but this advice completely goes against that rule.

Although it is a good idea to avoid it close to bed time, having it before a quick day nap during the day could be the groggy solution you have been looking for. Here’s what to do…

Take a brew when you are feeling tired during the day, set an alarm and nap for 20 minutes. This gives the caffeine enough time to kick in and release its full effects on your body. You will wake up feeling alert and energised, with grogginess kicked to the curb.

This is a perfect trick for taking a break at service stations during long distance driving.

5.      Not enjoying your coffee? Make sure it is always fresh…

Do you not get the hype?

Have you given in to all the coffee fanatics in your life, tried your first bag and been severely underwhelmed?

It can happen, but there is a reason.

Although the shelf life can be questionable and some claim it to last month’s whilst some claim weeks, there is a way to find out if yours is fresh.

If your beans lack flavour and have no aroma, they are most likely stale. Make sure to always buy freshly roasted coffee to get a full-flavour experience.

How do I know if I am buying fresh beans?

Well, we recommend buying from a trusted supplier that states they only provide fresh coffee. Even better, look for local roasters that hand roast the beans themselves. They will most likely roast in small batches and offer deliciously fresh grounds.

It is also incredibly important to store your coffee correctly as this can make it go stale pretty quickly. For storing your beans or grounds, use these helpful tips:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in an air tight container
  • Keep in a cool, dry area

6.      You may not enjoy your coffee if you’re drinking on an empty stomach

Another way to make the most out of your coffee and fully reap the health benefits is to not consume it on an empty stomach.

This means that unfortunately, it should not replace your breakfast in the morning.

You should avoid this habit as it could damage your stomach lining, cause indigestion and heartburn if drank on an empty stomach.

So, to enjoy this drink in the morning we recommend having your caffeine fix with a hearty breakfast.

7.      The best foods that go with coffee

We couldn’t tell you not to drink your favourite beverage on an empty stomach without recommending the best food and coffee combinations.

Sweet or savoury, there are plenty of ways to create some delicious pairings…

  1. Coffee cake – Too much coffee? There’s no such thing! Coffee cake is the perfect sweet treat to go with your cup of joe.
  2. Pastries – Following a sweet theme, many of us enjoy our favourite beverage with a light, fluffy pastry, and there’s a reason for it… it’s delicious!
  3. A full English – A filter coffee and a full English breakfast, a pairing that is hard to beat.
  4. Cheese – There are so many ways to pair our favourite drink with cheese. Try a deep, dark roast with a nutty, hard cheese such as parmesan or manchego. Or enjoy a lighter, sweeter blend with a soft cheese such as ricotta.
  5. Chocolate – A luxurious pairing that is a delightfully indulgent.

8.      What brewing methods should I experiment with to make the most out of coffee?

Without experimenting, it is easy to not realise how different coffee can taste with different brewing methods. Here are the top ones you should know about:

  1. Aeropress – A fast method that uses pressure to brew.
  2. Stove top espresso maker – The authentic Italian way to brew a strong and rich drink.
  3. Espresso machine – Mostly used in cafes, but some use them at home to get professional results and espresso shots.
  4. Hario V60 Drip maker – A slightly slower method that produces rich, flavourful results by the hot water dripping through the grounds.
  5. Cafetiere – Also known as the French press, this is a very popular method for quick and high-quality brewing.
  6. Chemex – Similar to the Hario V60 in the way that the water drips through the grounds to produce the beverage.

Different beans are suited to different methods, so to get the most out of your blend we highly recommend experimenting with different techniques.

You may discover some new flavours that you didn’t even know were in your favourite blend!

9.      Enjoy the wide array of drinks that coffee has to offer

One of the best things about this magical drink is its diversity. There are countless ways to enjoy it, and the only way to find your favourite is to try them all! (One of the best suggestions we have made so far…)

Here is a guide to help you navigate through the world of coffee:

Espresso – A strong shot that has a thick consistency.

Latte – A cup that contains one shot of espresso topped off with consistently smooth, silky, frothy milk.

Cappuccino – Similar to a latte that it contains one shot of espresso, but the milk is less silky and frothier.

Mocha – A latte but with the addition of chocolate.

Americano – A shot of espresso topped off with hot water.

Flat white – A shot of espresso topped with a little less steamed milk than a latte has but with no froth.

Irish coffee – An americano that has a splash of Irish whiskey, brown sugar and cream on top.

10. Try roasting and grinding your own beans for the freshest coffee possible

If you still don’t feel like you’re getting the freshest coffee possible and want to get more out of your experience, green beans may be the option for you.

Green beans are essentially coffee in their raw, unroasted, natural state.

You can purchase them to roast and grind at home. But, why would you go to this effort when roasters will do it for you?

Roasting your own beans has several benefits, some of which include:

  1. You’re in control of the whole process so you can roast for as long or as little as you like. This allows you to experiment with different roasts and find which stage brings out the best flavours.
  2. You can’t beat the freshness of roasting your own beans.
  3. Green beans can be stored for a lot longer than roasted beans without losing their flavours.
  4. The process of roasting beans is something every coffee lover needs to try. From the smell, the sounds of cracking beans, watching them turn from pale green to a rich brown… it immerses all your senses!
  5. Another handy benefit of purchasing green beans is that they are less expensive than pre-roasted.