Brew Guide: V60

The V60 method produces the cleanest brew and is fantastic at showcasing the delicate, nuanced flavours of single plantation coffee. A gooseneck kettle helps disperse the coffee when pouring over the water, but it is not essential.

V60 pour

Brew Ratio: 20g Coffee – 300ml Water (or use the ratio 1:16 for a smaller brew)
Equipment: Digital scales, V60, filter papers, brew vessel
Time: 3 minutes

1. Heat water to 97°C
2. Tare the scale and add the ground coffee
3. Tare the scale again and add 60ml of water

V60 bloom
Carbon Dioxide releasing during the hot bloom, a sign of fresh coffee

4. Stir gently trying not to touch the filter paper
5. Pour the rest of the water slowly in intervals, replacing the coffee that drips through the filter

V60 coffee
Try to pour the water on all the grounds, even those which track up the sides on the filter paper

6. Move the V60 slowly in a circular motion to allow all the coffee on the sides of the filter to brew before the water runs through
7. Serve and enjoy