Brew Guide: Stove Top


The Stovetop is a classic and affordable way of brewing espresso-like coffee at home. Back in 1933, the Stovetop or ‘Moka Pot’ was designed with brew ratio and ease-of-use in mind. When brewing a Stovetop, the two main things to remember are:

  1.  Always fill the coffee basket to its maximum capacity
  2. Fill the bottom water chamber to just beneath the valve.

This will help you to create balanced and consistent results and take the guess work out of manual brewing.



The Stovetop produces a concentrated, espresso-style drink with a rich and creamy body- perfect for those who enjoy a strong and aromatic coffee. The amount of ground coffee and water required depends on the size of the Stovetop.

NOTE: Both the contents and the Stovetop itself can become very hot, handle with care.


You’ll Need:

Stovetop (Traditional Stovetop for gas / Induction Stovetop for electric)
Gas / electric hob
Gas ring reducer (optional, only for non-induction)
Ground coffee. Medium – fine
Hot / warm water


–  Fill the bottom chamber of the Stovetop with water to just under the valve.
– Fill the filter basket with coffee, tap on the counter to create an even bed of coffee. Lightly tamp if you wish. Connect the upper chamber of the Stovetop and seal firmly.
– Use a low to medium heat. For gas, make sure the flames do not rise around the pot. (This is where the gas ring reducer is useful)
– Start your timer. Coffee should appear after about 60 seconds and take a further 60 seconds to brew. Remove from the heat as the flow slows.
– Serve immediately to avoid over extraction.

Stove Top Espresso Water Pour
Stove Top Coffee Grounds
Stove Top Espresso Brew Method