Brew Guide: Cafetière

Arguably the most recognisable and popular brewing methods, the cafetière produces a bold, heavy body coffee packed with flavour. This steeping method is similar to brewing tea with the coffee grounds fully immersed in water. Try using a variety of grinds to get the best results, using a finer grind and allowing the coffee to settle before plunging will produce a clear, well extracted brew.

Brew Ratio: 65g Coffee – 1000ml Water (or use the ratio 1:16 for smaller cafetières)
Equipment: Digital scales, cafetière, tablespoon
Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds

cafetiere plunger

1. Heat water to 97°C and warm the cafetière body
2. Tare the scale and add the desired weight of coffee
3. Pour all of the water at once and stir
4. Place the mesh just above the surface of the coffee and allow to brew for 4 minutes

cafetiere coffee
Allowing the coffee to settle will result in a clearer brew

5. Plunge the filter down gently
6. Allow to rest for 1 minute or until it is at a suitable drinking temperature, this will create a clearer brew
7. Serve and enjoy

cafetiere clear coffee