Wooden Stirrers x 1000pcs


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7″ Wooden stirrers naturally recyclable and compostable x 1000

Disposable Wooden Drink Stirrers x 1000

These are 100% natural wooden stirrers made for stirring tea or coffee, or any other hot drink. They come in packs of 1000 and are 7 inches long, which is a good length for all sized drinks cups – small, medium and large.

Wooden Drinks Stirrers

They are necessary items in the coffee shop, next to a coffee machine or even in an office.

Everyone loves the convenience of stirring their ow tea or coffee as they wish and therefore are the perfect accompany to hot drinks for takeaway.

They are also a great alternative to plastic spoons which are often non-recyclable or have a negative impact on the environment.

Wooden Stirrers can also be a cost-effective alternative to normal spoons in your coffee shop.

For example, if you feel you are spending too much on cutlery or tend to run out when the shop becomes busy without much warning – simply pull out these stirrers and serve them to your customers with their drinks.

They are made of high-quality wood that will not break or split, which means there will be no wood chips left in the drink or mouth. It can handle the high temperature of the beverage without passing any woody scents.

These are the best choice for nearly all catering uses. Even if they are not your main choice of product for your customers, they are perfect as a backup option.

If you run a mobile coffee shop, then these wooden stirrers are also a great option because they are light in transportation and easy to pack, alongside other coffee accessory essentials.


Are Wooden Coffee Stirrers Recyclable?

Being made of wood, they are recyclable and therefore biodegradable. They can be disposed of with food, waste, health and hygiene, and are environmentally friendly and economical.


Wooden Stirrers & Disposable Cups

These are frequently bought alongside our bio-degradable double-walled cups or our fully insulated hot drinks cups.

They also fit through the drink hole of our white-hot cup lids.

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