Velvet Blend


Country of Origin: Brazil, Indonesia
Coffee Blend: 100% Arabica
Process: Natural/Washed
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Sweet, cinnamon and spicy tones, thick body

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Velvet Blend

Roasted Brazilian Coffee Beans

Luxurious, sweet, strong

Feeling adventurous?


Our Velvet blend combines the lush, vanilla aroma of Brazilian coffee with the intense, smoky hint found with Indonesian beans.

This matches harmoniously to offer a fantastic aroma and crema, making it ideal to serve as an Espresso. It can also be used as the base for any other drink, delivering a great tasting coffee with plenty of flavour, even when served as a latte or flat white.

If you want a show stopping blend with an exotic twist, the smooth body of Velvet is the choice for you.


Roast & Flavour


This medium to full roast delivers an easy to drink coffee experience. The smooth and nutty flavour brings a hint of spice and cinnamon.

This type of roast goes particularly well with rich chocolate desserts, but also with sandwiches and meals containing cured or smoked meat.


Recommended for Wholesale


Velvet Espresso offers a high-quality coffee at a great price. It is a superb choice for any business wanting to serve their clients and customers hand roasted, speciality coffee.

Each 1 kg bag of coffee beans yields approximately 50 Espressos. Once opened, the bag should always be securely sealed after use to ensure the beans stay fresh for longer. Consume within 7-10 days after opening for best results.

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100% Arabica Beans from Brazil & Indonesia


Arabica beans are naturally sweet with a low and mellow acidity level. The Velvet Espresso is made up of a blend of Indonesian and Brazilian coffee beans, both very well suited for darker roasts.


Are Arabica Beans Best?


It is down to personal preference, but here are a few reasons why Arabica beans are generally favoured over Robusta:

  • Robusta beans usually have a neutral or slightly harsh taste, whereas Arabica can have a huge variety of flavours with different aromas and notes.
  • Robusta contains more caffeine, which for some people is a good thing. However, caffeine has a bitter taste which slightly affects the taste of the beans.
  • Arabica has a higher sugar content which is another reason it is favoured for flavour.
  • Around 75% of the worlds production is Arabica, with the rest being Robusta, which clearly shows which one is most popular.


The Indonesian Market and Coffee Production


In 2014 Indonesia was given the title of the fourth largest coffee producer.

With its close location to the equator and numerous mountainous regions, this country is perfect for growing premium quality beans. It was even estimated to have produced around 540,000 metric tons of beans in 2014.

Indonesia mainly produces Robusta, with only 25% being Arabica.

All arabica coffee is handpicked in Indonesia, whether it is grown by smallholders or on larger estates. After harvest, the coffee is processed in a variety of ways, each giving its own flavours and aromas to the final result.


Coffee Bean Production in Brazil


Brazil has 14 major coffee-producing regions, all with a range of complex variety of beans.

You can find more in-depth information here, but below we have picked out the most popular ones, and condensed all this information down for you into a quick guide to Brazilian coffee growing regions:

Minas Gerais

  • The largest coffee-growing state in Brazil
  • Makes up just under 50% of the country’s production
  • Has some of the highest mountains in Brazil
  • Produces speciality coffee
  • Producing regions include Sul de Minas, Cerrado de Minas, Chapada de Minas and Matas de Minas

Espírito Santo

  • Brazil’s second biggest coffee-producing state
  • Largest producer of Robusta
  • Known for its tropical beaches and mountainous nature preserves
  • Producing regions include Montanhas do Espírito Santo and Conilon Capixaba



  • Located in the northeast of Brazil
  • Arabica make up around 75%
  • Gained fame for its use of technology and quality of beans
  • Coffee cultivation began here in the 1970s
  • The two producing regions are Cerrado and Planalto da Bahia and Atlantico Baiano


  • Mainly farms Arabica
  • Dense plantations with high levels of productivity



  • Exclusively grows Robusta
  • High temperatures and low altitudes with a tropical climate



Additional information

Coffee type

Espreso Blend

Coffee Blend

100% Arabica



Buying Purpose


Beans / Ground

Beans, Ground


5 x 1KG, 1KG, 227g (3 for £15)


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