Espresso Blend


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Country of Origin: Central America, Africa
Coffee Blend: 100% Arabica
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Balanced espresso blend, sweet bold and acidic

Espresso Blend

Wholesale Espresso Coffee Beans: Balanced, bright, smooth

100% Arabica

A medium roasted blend of Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia creating an all-round stable espresso, which compliments any drink on the menu.

Containing carefully selected Brazilian and Colombian beans, lush chocolate and nut are the main stay of this blend, with Ethiopian Djimma to add a hint of acidity .

Don’t let the name put you off, this coffee doesn’t just make a great espresso, it also stands out in a long Aeropress brew – perfect for the office.

Espresso blend offers a wide flavour profile so if your usual order is an americano and a flat white then this blend will suit both. The green beans are mixed prior to the roasting, producing a consistent medium roast evident in every bean.


How to blend coffee


Producing an exquisite espresso is certainly a balancing act. Our house Espresso Blend as well as Continental Blend have been in production for over 20 years now, and the make-up of these blends has stayed roughly the same since then, but how do we choose what coffee to blend and why do we do it?

Blending different coffee beans together has many benefits to both the roaster and consumer. It is a coffee that the roaster can exclusively call theirs and be desired by a wide variety of coffee fans. The varied climate, land type and process of some arabica growing regions results in some very unique characteristics and flavours. But while peach, rose and hibiscus may sound delicious as a long black, would this really work as a flat white or with oat milk? Perhaps not. Blending coffee allows popular flavour traits of one coffee to be married with an opposing trait of another with the possibility of a third coffee being added if necessary.

The first stage of all espresso blending is the base. For many of our blends this will be either Brazil, Honduran or Ethiopia. These coffees are very palatable and have been traditionally used in blends by brokers and roasters for years. These flavours have become so popular that they almost set the benchmark for what an espresso would expect to taste like.

Once you have your base, this is where the fun begins. The chemical make-up of coffee can produce a wide variety of nuances, from fruity flavours provided by malic acidity (like in Costa Rican coffee) to the higher caffeine content caused by chlorogenic acid – there are possibilities are endless. Our roasters and barista work in tandem to get the overall espresso spot on, sometimes going round in circles before finally agreeing on the perfect shot. It is an art to get right, but certainly becomes the favourite brew in our roasting house for many weeks.





Reviews & Ratings

3 reviews for Espresso Blend

  1. S. Warwick

    Nice strong taste but very little bitterness. Mellow after taste which lingers. Very good crema head on making in a bean to cup machine.

  2. Andrew Cousins

    Seemed lacking in flavour and a bit bland for us. The Classico blend is the best coffee we have had so it had a high bench mark to beat.

  3. Ben

    I served this after a bbq to the family (8 people). Many of them commented on how they really enjoyed the mellow taste as an after dinner drink.

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