Studio Filter



Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia





Measured Sachets with Filter Papers Included:
40x60g or 80x60g

Coffee Blend: 100% Arabica


Wholesale Studio blend especially for filter coffee machines


Made with 100% Arabica, these beans have been carefully blended with fig to enhance the taste and leave a smooth feeling on the palette.

Ideal for any time of the day. This filter coffee can be enjoyed during a mid-day break or even after a hard day’s work.

Directors filter is great tasting and a perfect opportunity for serving customers who are looking for something a little bit different to your average coffee.

These larger bags offer great value for money, as it yields approximately 8 cups from 56g of grind when going by the recommended 7g per cup.


Who will buy the Studio blend?


The unique blend of Central American and African arabica beans are ideal for a coffee loving customer. Easily customise this coffee with milk, sugar, sweetener or try our extensive range of delicious syrups.

These beans are blended with a touch of fig during the roasting process, which adds a hint of sweetness to your palette.

The addition of dried fig also makes the coffee a lot more forgiving and will not ‘burn’ on the hot plate if it hasn’t been drank straight away!

This is therefore the best blend for offices that may struggle to get through a whole pot in one sitting, without losing any of the freshly roasted flavour.


High Quality Filter Coffee


As this coffee comes in weighed out sachets, it is easy to get a consistent, high quality cup every single time. This makes it very popular for businesses that want to offer coffee to their clientele, as quality is guaranteed every time.

Also, because it is so finely brewed, it has a much cleaner and more enjoyable taste.

This product does come with its own filters, but if you do run out then you can purchase more here.

Our range of filter coffees is especially popular among businesses who offer it to clientele, as they can be assured that it will be premium quality every time.

If you are looking to purchase a top quality commercial coffee machine for your business, we have some great options and offer 5 complimentary services alongside your investment.



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