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Country of Origin: Colombia, Honduras, Africa
Coffee Blend: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Rich aromatic espresso with strong notes and superb crema.

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Deep, full bodied, cocoa

3 continents, 1 perfect coffee house blend

These coffee beans are a unique blend from 3 continents; Asia, Africa and South America. This allows for a consistent taste throughout the whole year,

Superb crema

While robusta beans are generally higher in caffeine, we  guarantee there is no compromise on quality in this roast. The coffee you produce will certainly be full of flavour, partly because of the element of high roasting, which contributes the superb crema when pulling the espresso from the machine into the cup. What’s more the blend of arabica beans ensures a magnificent smooth finish every time.

Benefits of robusta coffee beans

Many people (and businesses) just love to compare arabica with robusta beans and yes, arabica coffee beans are a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean robusta is without benefits. So what are they? Firstly, these have higher caffeine content, so if you’re looking to offer a ‘quick pick-me-up’ then this is the perfect choice for you. What’s more, the these beans also have more antioxidants than that of

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1 review for Classico Blend

  1. apcousins

    Our favourite do it all espresso, long blacks to flat whites, superb

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