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grunwerg swirl cafetiere

A Grunwerg cafetiere with a stylish and creative design…

This unique coffee brewing device is a modern take on the classic cafetiere. Its artistic design and long list of practical benefits make this the perfect addition to your brewing routine.

This is a Grunwerg product which you can rely on, as the company are known for only using high quality materials such as premium stainless steel.

The Swirl Cafetiere would make the perfect gift as it would be a stylish addition to anyone’s kitchen and it will stand out from the usual brewing equipment.


A Grunwerg stainless steel cafetiere for high quality coffee brewing…

Grunwerg has over 70 years’ experience in developing innovative designs and high-quality homeware products that bring fantastic results.

They an award-winning supplier of houseware and catering products as they are a brand you can consistently rely on for inspiring new designs.

They specialise in premium stainless steel and believe in the countless benefits the material has to offer. Here’s why stainless steel is the perfect material for the Swirl Cafetiere:

  1. It is easy to maintain hygiene levels with stainless steel as it is so easy to clean.
  2. It is fire resistant which is vital when being used in the kitchen.
  3. It has a sleek and modern appearance which makes it a favourite for many.
  4. It is incredibly strong and resilient material that won’t stain or be easily damaged.
  5. It is also resists against chemicals and corrosion.


5 tips for using a cafetiere coffee maker

The cafetiere is a favourite brewing method for many coffee lovers. It is quick, easy and travel friendly.

It also brews delicious results and is great for bringing out the flavours of your coffee. Here are 5 useful tips for brewing with a cafetiere:

  1. A coarser grind size is best for this type of brewing.
  2. If it is too difficult to push down, the grounds may be too fine. If it is too easy and there is no resistance, it may be too coarse.
  3. Use near boiling water rather than fresh off the boil. Leave the water to cool for a minute or two to avoid burning the grounds and getting a bitter taste.
  4. Experiment with different times to see which gives the best flavour.
  5. Buying beans and grinding at home will give the freshest flavour.

For more tips on how to use a cafetiere read our ‘What grind should I use for my cafetiere? (+ How to guide)’ post.


Can I put this cafetiere in the dishwasher?

The Grunwerg Swirl Cafetiere is dishwasher safe. This makes it even easier to keep clean between uses.

It is incredibly important to wash your brewing equipment thoroughly between every use. This is not just for hygiene reasons, but it may also be affecting the quality of your cup.

Left over remains from your last brew may affect the taste of your coffee and even give it a bitter flavour.

Always start with clean equipment to get the best results.


The Grunwerg Swirl cafetiere – available as 3 cup or 8 cup

This creative design is available in two options, 3 cup or 8 cup.

The 3 cup option holds 350ml and the 8 cup will hold 1000ml. We recommend using the 3 cup for one good sized cup of coffee.

The 8 cup will brew between 2-3 mugs, depending on your usual serving size.

If you need advice on which coffee to try, take a look at our guide to the best coffee beans.

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