Classic Stainless Steel & Glass Cafetiere


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FREE Continental Blend Coffee worth £6 with every cafetiere purchased

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass
Rust-resistant stainless steel Holder and filter
Classic design
Removable & replaceable glass inner

3 Cup: 350ml capacity
6 Cup: 850ml capacity
8 Cup: 1 litre capacity
12 Cup: 1.5 litre capacity

Le’express Chrome Plated Cafetiere – Luxurious cafetiere for top quality brewing

This classically designed chrome plated cafetiere is a step above the rest when it comes to coffee brewing.

Are you looking for a special gift for a coffee lover in your life? This unique cafetiere not only brews exceptional quality coffee but is also showcases a premium design and adds a touch of class to any kitchen or dining room.


How much coffee does this cafetiere hold?

This Le’Express cafetiere comes in 4 options:

  1. 3 Cup: 350ml capacity
  2. 6 Cup: 850ml capacity
  3. 8 Cup: 1 litre capacity
  4. 12 Cup: 1.5 litre capacity

Whether you are enjoying a single cup by yourself or hosting some friends and family, this luxurious brewing device has a choice for every kind of event.


A classic stylish design with chrome plating

Le’Express have taken the classic design and shape of a traditional cafetiere and given it some modern and stylish twists.

The practical glass jug allows you to see exactly how much coffee you are brewing and how much is left when drinking.

The chrome plated metallic accents give this product a sleek and modern look. It also gives the design structure and stays true to the traditional cafetiere appearance.


A practical cafetiere that provides exceptional brewing

Not only does this product have an exceptional design, it also provides ultimate practicality.

The jug is made from borosilicate glass which has been scientifically designed with silica and boron trioxide to have minimal conductive properties. This creates a thermal material which won’t pass heat through and burn your hand, ensuring maximum safety.

The non-slip handle is heat resistant and allows for accurate and comfortable pouring.

The fine mesh filter is re-usable, easy to wash and is made from premium stainless steel which is sturdy and reliable.


How do I use a cafetiere to brew coffee?

A cafetiere is a great way to brew for delicious, high-quality coffee.

Not only is it quick, easy and a practical method of brewing, but it also brings out the full flavour of the coffee and allows you to experience the many different characteristics.

No matter what brewing method you use, it is vital you select the right grind size.

For a cafetiere, we recommend a course grind size. This is to avoid over-extraction as the water stays in contact with the ground coffee for several minutes. Over-extraction will produce a bitter drink that is unpleasant and possibly acidic-tasting.

For a detailed step by step guide on exactly how to use this method, take a look at our how to use a cafetiere guide.


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  1. Matt

    I wasn’t sure how many cups I would get from each size. So I went for the 6 cup, which is great for a couple of good-sized coffees. Looks really nice on the kitchen side too 🙂

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